"Beauty and the Beast" has been my favorite fairy tale for quite a few years now so I decided I'd finally make a webpage about it. I am not sure why I like it so much. Maybe because it doesn't often go for the whole love at first sight thing that I find somewhat unrealistic. Anyhow, the first page is just a few thoughts on the TV show. The second link is a list of some of the versions of the story I have read as well as movies I have seen. Neither of these pages are scholarly in nature. I'm in college, I have to do enough scholarly stuff there. The second section, on the variations of the tale, is not anyway near finished. I have tons of other versions I need to add but haven't found time for yet. I just wanted to get this up so I have more reason to take time out and update it! :-)


The TV Show

<>Variations of "Beauty and the Beast"


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