Web Page Backgrounds


Hi! I got bored one day and started this. These are just simple backgrounds I made for my own webpages and wanted to make them available to everyone else. I will be adding more as I think of patterns and as I need them for my own webpage. Please feel free to use these for your own pages. If you do I would love to see your pages and also link them if you like! If you have any input please email me.

Oh and since beginning this, I've found that some are *really* difficult to read text on.  So I play with the contrast and lightness as needed.  Feel free to do the same yourself.

Here's what I have so far....

Angels Butterflies Christmas Trees Crosses
Daisies Fish Hearts Marble
Music Outbursts Plasma Quilts
Red and Green


Snowflakes Spheres
Twirls Waves Miscellaneous

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