The John/Andrew Bucket Brigade

The John/Andrew Bucket Brigade was started late one Sunday night, July 19th 1998 to be exact.  Touched by an Angel fans had come to chat in the AOL chat room after the show ended.  After the crowd started to leave only Jarrod, Barbara, Audrey, and myself were left.  It was then that an idea was hatched.

That night we devised a sort of self-help group.  We came up with twelve steps and Barbara dubbed it the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade.  Andrew, played by John Dye, was often the favorite topic among chatters and emailers.  It was high time we got these people some help!  There's really no sense in my reiteration of the story or even telling what JABB became.  Instead, I intend to list why it is I became part of it.

1.  It was after midnight, after two cups of coffee almost anything sounds like fun.

2.  We should make fun of ourselves before anyone else got the chance.  Much more self-esteem friendly...

3.  If I could divert my love of decorating into something safe like webpages for this little group... maybe I could protect my room from those harmful redecoration attempts which always ended up half done and inevitably ended with something very strange. (Can we say multi-colored ceiling fan?)

4.  The other three were good friends, so why not?

5.  I'd never been in a fan club.  Might as well have something for my kids to tease me about when I'm older!  (Sposing I have any that aren't furry or scaly like my dog and frog babies.)

6.  I felt a certain dignity needed to be returned to fandom and we should be the ones to do it.  (Hahaha, yeah right!)

7.  It was summer, I was bored.

8.  It was a convenient way to prove to my family I wasn't the only one obsessed with "an old people's show."

9.  Maybe it was as plain as my friend Jennie explained it... JABB is simply much cheaper than therapy. :-)

10.  I made some great friends through this. How could I not want that?

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***Disclaimer*** Neither JABB nor any of its members are in any way affiliated with John Dye or Touched by an Angel.  We have never met John and we are sorry but we are not able to relay messages to him.  The characters of Andrew or any other TBAA angels are not our own but belong to Martha Williamson and CBS.  We are not seeking any profit.

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