"Your One Thing??"

Hello! Right about now you may be thinking "Her one thing?? What's that supposed to mean?" Well, I decided that I needed to retitle this page. "For Jesus", I felt, was misleading in a couple ways. First, it gave the impression only Jesus was supposed to see this page. Second, it made it seem as if I was waiting around for Jesus to get on His computer, up in heaven, and visit my page. So, it needed to be changed. But why to "My One Thing"?

Rich Mullins was an excellent songwriter and singer. So, when I needed a new title, I looked to his songs for inspiration. I remembered one of his songs I particularly liked, "My One Thing". Here's a few lines from the song:

"Well, I know that I don't deserve you

Still I want to love and serve you

More and More

You're my one thing"

I really liked that verse and decided to use the last line because I feel it describes the relationship between Jesus and His followers really well.

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