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Fun and Helpful Links


I found this site in a newsletter I get at work.  It's great!  Make money for a favorite charity just by searching!

Excellent source for getting to the bottom of all those pesky Internet-driven rumors and other urban legends.  Plus it's just plain fun.

The Internet Movie Database

Great place to go when you just know you've seen that actor somewhere but just not quite sure where...

Clip Art Warehouse

Free clip art, all organized into several categories.

Much fun!  And you learn stuff!

Used Bookstores Online

I'm obsessed with used bookstores. This link and those that follow are online stores I've found useful.

Part of the Ebay site, I found a book here that had been out of print for years.

More of the same.

Fair Trade Shopping

Fair trade means that the artisans and workers that design and create the products receive fair wages.  Unfortunately, a lot of the sites I used to visit have closed.  If you know of any good ones, please let me know!

Ten Thousand Villages

Fairy Tales and Mythology

The SurLaLune Fairy Tales Site

Information on the evolution and variations of dozens of fairy tales.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Thanks, Max, for the great find!  :-)

Fairy Tales and Folklore

Thanks, ladies, for another great find.
(And this one even has Halloween costumes!)

This site has some really beautiful paintings and writings about various mythical figures. There's a section on my favorite Arthurian person, the Lady of Shalott.

Touched by an Angel Links

The Touched by an Angel Homepage

My favorite show!  I find the episode guide pretty helpful still.

Okay, so maybe I'm not the most objective person but I think this site is tons of fun! :-)

Click here to join JABB

Click to join JABB

JABB is the email list for members of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade. We talk about just about everything but with emphasis on "Touched by an Angel," especially Andrew. Please come join us!

The Official John Dye Page

Some great pictures and information on this wonderful actor's past projects.

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