Hello! A friend, Sara, and I began this list one night. If you would like to have anything added email me. And guys? Take notes. :-) lol

1. Is able to do voices so that when we read stories to the kids its more fun cause I sure can't do voices

2. Is willing to dress up on Halloween. I'm open to suggestions for costumes but in the end what I say goes!

3. Shows emotions and will tell his sons its okay to do the same.

4. Easy to talk too.

5. Nice to cuddle.

6. Nice to look at (always a plus but if that's not the way things go so be it)

7. Nice eyes lol

8. Not a bum

9. Nice clothes taste is always good

10. Is not controlled by his mother but good family relationship

11. Able to hold down a job

12. Happy to stay at home, but can socialize when necessary

13. Mows the lawns

14. Romantic (aka flowers and stuffed animals lol jewelry is okay but sometimes stuffed animals are better)

15. Cooks occasionally and does a bit of housework

16. Fairly tidy

17. Loves family life and children

18. Taller than me

19. Spiritual I'm not saying he has to be totally devoted and unfailing because that's impossible but well something

20. Musical talent, particularly singing (since I can't! lol)

21. Likes taking long walks

22. Likes pets

23. Open minded cause you have to be that with me around lol

24. Has his own teeth which he scrubs regularly

25. Showers regularly too

26. Happy for us to have a bit of retail therapy now and then

27. Wise so we can talk about philosophical type stuff but not so wise that he makes me feel stupid

28. Has to tolerate your music

29. Takes us out for dinner occasionally

30. Doesn't hog the bed

31. Is impulsive

32. Is caring

33. Sentimental or at least understands why we can't throw that scrap of paper away

34. Likes our decorating ideas

35. Understanding no matter how irrational your nightmares are

36. Understands our fetish for big shoes

37. Happy to go to the kids concerts and soccer games

38. Videos and photographs the family all the time

39. Good at fixing things or making things (i.e. good with hands)

40. Will go with me to plays occasionally even if they aren't his idea of fun and I'll even go to sports games with him as payback

41. Has the knowledge and the experience to back it up

42. Plays board games

43. Makes you chicken soup when YOU'RE sick

44. Rubs your shoulders when they are sore

45. Doesn't make you late for work

46. Doesn't talk excessively during my TV shows and movies.

47. Once you reach a certain age where you obviously aren't in the same fit state you were in when you were 20 stop acting like you are! Do not challenge young kids in races; do not attempt to jump from ground level to the top of a four-foot wall. It's stupid and dangerous and pointless so knock it off! Pride goeth before the fall gentlemen, literally.

48. Love can overlook imperfections. There is not a man on this earth that will follow this list all the time. No one is perfect but yet we all still need someone who loves us.

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