In the several years this page has been here, I've never been very happy with it.  It wasn't at all original.  Any of the poems and stories here could have easily been found on hundreds of other pages.  So I've decided to put only original work here.  I'm not saying it's good.  I wrote some of it in elementary school.  But at least it's *mine*.  Plus, this way, if my house ever burns down at least some of my schoolwork is saved.  :-)  Just FYI that the links below may take you to my domain.  If there was a story or poem on the old version of this page that any one was attached to and can't find elsewhere, please let me know and I'll be happy to send it to you or tell you where else it may be found.

The following 10 poems I suspect were written around my 5th or 6th grade year for my English class.  I believe the purpose was to demonstrate knowledge (or lack thereof) about different types of poetry.  I just think they're cute in their... simpleness.  :-)  Anyhow, the titles of the poems are actually the title of the assignment.

I.  Word Play

II.  Alliteration

III.  Unrhymed

IV.  Onomatopoeia

V.  Imagery

VI.  Dialogue

VII.  Couplet

VIII.  Free Verse

IX.  Vital Title

X.  Lyric

Becca's Story

This is a "Touched by an Angel" fanfic I co-wrote with members of

The Prince's Dance

A lil creation myth thingy I wrote under a pseudonym for JABB to explain why Andrew stopped dancing...

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