**This or That**

Ruffles or lays:

Blanket or stuffed animal:

Shampoo or conditioner:

Dumper or dumpee:

Relationship or hookup:

Bridges or tunnels:

Adidas or Nike:

Oranges or apples:

Deaf or blind:

Hot tubs or pools:

Blondes or Brunettes:

TV or radio:

Snow or rain:


What is your most prized possession:

What is the worst song you've ever heard:

What is the most embarrassing CD you own:

What store would you max your 'rents creditcard at:

What do you do most often when you are bored:

What is the last movie you rented:

What brand of shoes do you wear:

What kind of clothes do you sleep in:

What are your favorite girl names:

What are your favorite guy names:

What college do you wanna go to:

What does your room look like:

What (was/will be) the best day of your life:

What are you thinking about right now:

What is a deep secret that you could tell:

Who is the coolest person you know:

Who do you wanna marry:


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