The Role of a Lifetime

Ah, there’s nothing like mixing reality with fiction! For fictional characters, the angels had a surprising number of real friends. Here’s a list of the people who appeared as themselves. (The real people portrayed by actors are listed on another page).

Episode 201: "Sympathy For The Devil"

Daryle Singletary

Episode 213: "Indigo Angel"

Al Jarreau

B.B. King

Dr. John

Al Hirt

Episode 327: "A Delicate Balance"

Bart Conner

Nadia Comaneci

Episode 402: "Nothing But Net"

Alonzo Mourning

Greg Ostertag

Episode 411: "The Comeback"

Carol Channing

Al Hirschfeld

Episode 508: "Psalm 151”

Celine Dion

Episode 522: "Fighting The Good Fight"

Muhammad Ali

Episode 524: "Black Like Monica"

Rosa Parks

Episode 526: "Godspeed"

Dr. Sally Ride

Episode 803: "The Perfect Game"

Hank Aaron

Episode 809: "Most Likely To Succeed"

Toby Keith



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