“Well… They *do* say everyone has a twin…

or triplet even…”

Monica, Tess, and Andrew must have gotten confused sometimes when their assignments really started to resemble each other! J One of the most amusing and, in the case of a really good actor, best things about TBAA was that they weren’t afraid to have the same actor play two or even three characters during the show’s run. Someone might play Satan one episode and a gospel singer a few seasons later! It was fun to try and keep track of them all. I tried to think of as many of the actors who played double roles as possible (and used the Touched.com site to get others). If you can think of any I missed feel free to email meIf there are stars around the name that means the character was angelic or demonic.


Seth Adkins

Nick Beringer- Perfect Little Angel

Sam- A Time For Every Purpose


Bonnie Bartlett

Emily- Venice

Lucy Scribner- The Grudge

Loretta- And A Nightingale Sang


Anita Booher

Sheila- The Empty Chair

Candy- Private Eyes


Mika Boorem

Melissa Houghton- A Joyful Noise

Celine/Cornelia- Psalm 151, Mother’s Day, At The End Of The Aisle


J. Scott Bronson

Barry- Tough Love

Truck Driver- Crisis of Faith

Ron- Great Expectations

Prison Guard- True Confessions

Prison Guard- Famous Last Words

Waiter- Unknown Christmas episode

(Thank you to Mr. Bronson for supplying this info. 
If anyone knows which Christmas episode that may have been, please contact me.  Thank you.)


Donna Bullock

Anita- Tough Love

Stacey- Forever Young


Delta Burke

Julia Fitzgerald- The Homecoming, Part I

Diana Winslow- Shallow Water 1 & 2


James Calvert

Chris- Fool For Love

Young Carl- Millennium


Gabrielle Carteris

April Campbell- Portrait of Mrs. Campbell

Linda Craig- The Trigger


Kieu Chinh

Mrs. Kim- Amazing Grace Part 1

Lang- Made in the U.S.A.


Brian Patrick Clarke-

Coach Mike Johansen- The Hero

Bud- My Brother's Keeper


John Cothran, Jr.

Jaxon- Redeeming Love

Keegan- Voice Of An Angel


William Daniels

Whit Russell-Birthmarks

George- And A Nightingale Sang


Ossie Davis

Erasmus Jones- Promised Land, The Homecoming Part 1, Joe’s Return, Vengeance Is Mine Part 1

*Gabe/Gabriel*- The Christmas Gift, Remembering Me Part 2


Patty Duke

Nancy- I Do

Dr. Jean- I Will Walk With You 1 & 2


Greg Evigan

Bill Salisbury- Unidentified Female

Bo- Then Sings My Soul


Kate Fuglei

Jean- It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Charlotte- And A Nightingale Sang


Kathie Lee Gifford

 Jolene- Birthmarks

Wendy- Monica's Bad Day


Matthew Glave

Walker- The Compass

Young Max- The Blue Angel


James Gleason

Phil Palmer- Random Acts

Leo- God Bless the Child


Harold Gould

Sam Moskowitz- Written in Dust

Albert Einstein- The Face of God


Gregory Harrison

Pete Taylor- There, But For The Grace Of God

Richard- Flights Of Angels

Don- Forever Young


Christine Healy

Mary- Beautiful Dreamer

Renee Harris- Visions Of Thy Father


Jonathan Hernandez

Manny- Manny

Alex Cassada- Mi Familia


Brian Howe

Jerry- Quality Time

Charlie- A Winter Carol


Al Jarreau

Himself- Indigo Angel

Rev. Gentry Hall- Amazing Grace Part 1


Lainie Kazan

Doris- Deconstructing Harry

Aunt Meg- The Princeless Bride


Stacy Keach

Ty Duncan- Sympathy For The Devil

Maury- Private Eyes


Erik King

Kevin Carter- Reasonable Doubt

Peter- Angels Anonymous


Leah Lail

Candy- Millennium

Kim- Hello, I Love You


Hal Linden

Sam Brown- Sam Brown

Dave- Angels Anonymous


Ross Malinger

Jesse Bell (age 11)- Out of the Darkness

Nick Albright- Heaven’s Portal


Victoria Mallory

Jackie- The Feather

Gayle- Perfect Little Angel

Dr. Kate Marlens- The Gurdge


Barbara Mandrell

Terry Hayman- Jacob’s Ladder

Ada- Doodlebugs


Stuart Margolin

Ray Bishop- Have You Seen Me?

Stuart Deane- With God As My Witness


Christopher Marquette

Tim- Fighting The Good Fight

Cody Benson- An Angel On My Tree


Rue McClanahan

Amelia Bowthorpe Archibald- Manny

Lila Winslow- Shallow Water 1 & 2


John McMartin

Edward Greeley- Inherit the Wind

Earl- Lady of the Lake


Brian McNamara

Greg- Godspeed

James- For All The Tea In China


Gerald McRaney

Dr. Joe Pachorek- Interview With An Angel

Russell Greene- Promised Land, Amazing Grace Part 1, Joe’s Return, Vengeance Is Mine Part 1


Vince Melocchi

Workman- My Dinner With Andrew

J.J.- Full Circle

Neil- Winners, Losers & Leftovers


Jo Dee Messina

Susi- Then Sings My Soul

Annie- Bring On The Rain


Jim Metzler

Dr. H. C. Arnovitz- Jacob's Ladder

Charlie- Black Like Monica


Joey Miyashima

Ted Vender- Nothing but Net

Comedian- Jagged Edges


Keb’ Mo’

*Angel of Music/Jacob*- Inherit the Wind, Remembering Me Part 2

Isaac- Then Sings My Soul

J.D. Winslow- Shallow Waters- Parts 1 and 2


Joe Morton

Jake Stone- Jacob's Ladder

Martin- The Impossible Dream


William Moses

Charles- The Feather

Pepper- A Time For Every Purpose


Kelsey Mulrooney

Tanya Brenner- Dear God

Joni Albright- Heaven’s Portal


Bruce Newbold

Officer- Joe’s Return

Dr. Warren- Virtual Reality


Michael Nouri

Greg- Buy Me A Rose

Carl- The Good Earth


Soon-Tek Oh

Kim Chyung Kyung- Amazing Grace, Part 1

Mr. Aramaki- The Face Of God


Lisa Jane Persky

Alison Craig- The Big Bang

Stasi- The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life


Wendy Phillips

Ruth Ann Russell- The Southbound Bus

Claire Greene- Promised Land, Amazing Grace Part 1, Joe’s Return, Vengeance Is Mine Part 1


Aysia Polk

Lacey- Such A Time As This

Jasmine Lockwood- Ship-In-A-Bottle


Robert Ri'chard

Samuel- Sins Of The Father

Alex Wilson- Band of Angels


John Ritter

Mike O'Connor- Random Acts

Sheriff Tom McKinsley- Black Like Monica


Romy Rosemont

Dee Dee- Family Business

Gwen- The Sixteenth Minute


Marion Ross

Sophie- There, But For The Grace Of God, I Will Walk with You 1 & 2

Emma- The Wind Beneath My Wings


Susan Ruttan-

Joanne Peters- Cassie's Choice

Mrs. Donovan- A Clown's Prayer


John Schneider

*Frank Littleton/Satan*- In the Name of God

Joshua Winslow- Shallow Water 1 & 2


Peter Scolari-

Charles Hibbard- The Heart Of The Matter

Tim Albright- Heaven’s Portal


Christy Summerhays

Admitting Clerk- Great Expectations

Francis Bolaczek- Reasonable Doubt


Randy Travis-

Wayne- Fear Not!, The Feather, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, I Will Walk with You 1 & 2

Jed Winslow- Shallow Water 1 & 2


Alanna Ubach

Cookie- Unidentified Female

Lydia- Redeeming Love


Dick Van Patten

Jerry- In The Name Of God

Eb- Lady Of The Lake


Steve Vinovich

Ron Walker- The Driver

Roger- Only Connect

Dave- The Face Of God


Stephanie Zimbalist

Kate- My Dinner with Andrew

Jessica Albright- Heaven’s Portal


And the award for the most appearances as completely different characters award goes to…

Nina Gervetz

Catherine Wentworth- Reunion

JoBeth- At Risk

Janet- The Spirit Of Liberty Moon

Nurse Karen- Hearts

Wannabe Angel #1- I Am an Angel

Karla- At The End Of The Aisle



And, you didn’t think I’d forget did ya, last but not least…

Roma Downey

*Monica*- Too many episodes to name!

*Monique*- The Man Upstairs, Two Sides To Every Angel


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