I compiled this list with the help of members from the TBAAngel list in the summer of 98. If you'd like to submit an entry email meAnd now.....


Everything I Need to Know I Learned from "Touched by an Angel"


I've learned ....

God loves you! God may not always bring you what you want, but he always brings you what you need. With every step that you take closer to God, he also takes one closer to you. You can never go so far from God that his love can't reach you. When God closes a door, He opens a window! Chew, chew, chew. That is why God invented incisors It's never, never *too* late You can do wonderful things if you don't care who gets the credit People make mistakes, and angels sometimes make mistakes, but God doesn't make mistakes. There is hope Bad things will happen, and things will knock you down, but God will lift you up every time. No matter how much time you have in this life, you have enough time to make a difference. One of the best ways to change something is to get involved. Give your dreams to God and he will care for them. Go with the flow 'til you know! That no matter what, God loves me. God knows what he's doing. He's been doing this for years. Wherever you go, God is already there. Every day is a chance to start over. Even if you don't believe in God, He believes in you. How can you judge something fairly when you don't know what the rules are? You can't play God because you aren't God. Truth penetrates your heart in a way that mere words cannot. When you see someone smiling in your direction and you can't figure out why, look for a glowing light above their head and be prepared for a message from God. If you hear a voice with an Irish accent telling you "God loves you", look for a beautiful lady with long red hair who may be standing by your side...and give her a hug. When your cappuccino machine breaks down, watch for a 6' blonde-haired man and the same red-head mentioned above to come to your assistance. During your annual church Christmas pageant, be certain of the placement of all shepherds and wisemen. (sub-note: It helps to call them by their names.) Dove feathers that are believed to be from the wings of angels may not perform miracles, but they can provide hope. Believe your children when they talk about their "special friends" who may be helping them understand you better...children are closer to the heart of God than anyone. If you're preparing for entrance to a rodeo and a lady named Kathleen offers to hitch up your saddle for you, politely decline her assistance. Before walking down the aisle to marry your long-time best friend, look around for a blue envelope that may change your life...don't open it...but carry it with you as you dedicate your life and love with your betrothed to the Lord. For any wedding reception, order extra meatballs...especially if you've hired a wedding singer named "Tess". If you know for certain a building has been abandoned for years and it is renovated overnight, you should be prepared to entertain angels unaware. Happiness is an inside job. If you trust God no matter what the circumstances you must be the victor. All you ever have to do about anything is trust in God and things will work out----maybe not how you would always like, but for your good. God still loves me!

Special Thanks to: Alicia, Audrey, Barbara, Bettye, Darla, Jennifer, John, Sharon, Stephanie, and Teressia for contributing. Also to all those who encouraged me.

Also to my favorite show...TBAA and anyone who works on it. With out them we wouldn't have this wonderful show to bring us all together. Also thanks be to God who guides us in our lives and is the inspiration for these quotes.

If you did contribute and don't see your name or idea here e-mail me privately and I will add it on the next update. I meant to put every response I got on the list and if I happened to miss yours please resend it and please forgive me. I also want to encourage anyone else who wants to send me their ideas and I can add them for the next time. Keep in mind they don't have to be exact quotes from the show.

This list was a lot of fun for me to compile. Each of these quotes have affected you in some way, I hope. Whether they made you laugh or just think I hope this list brightened your day. While I love all of them and hope you feel the same, there is one message here I hope you will always remember. That is God loves you! He loved you in the past, He loves you now, and He will always love you! Whether you hear this message from a friend, family member, or a TV angel 0:-), know that these three words are the truest and most important ever spoken...God loves you!

God Bless,

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