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After watching nine years of "Touched by an Angel," I've come to appreciate several elements of the show. One of my favorite things about the show was all the music it introduced me to and the music of my childhood that it reminded me of. I was always disappointed that there wasn't a page that listed all of this music. With the help of some fellow TBAA fans*, I've started this list. A few bits of info:
1.  Titles in quotes mean I'm not sure what the actual title is because, despite by best efforts with search engines, I could find no such song on the web.  It was probly written for the show or a local band or something is my guess.  Or it's a song like "The Moist Screwdriver" (see "Angels on the Air") when I assume the writers made the title up.  :-)
2.  I credit some instrumental numbers/ songs to actors who played characters but I can't guarantee it was actually the actor playing the instrument/ singing.  Sometimes I just list the character if it's not a professionally performed number.
3.  Items in black would probly be more properly characterized as background muzak or some type of non-classical (as best as I know) instrumental piece.  Typically doesn't have words, is not part of the plot, and the viewer doesn't see the musician.  Later I started lumping all these music cues into a single box per episode.
4.  I'm going through these as the DVDs come out which is why Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are much more complete than later seasons.  Regrettably, I've since discovered that some songs were removed from the DVDs.  When possible I've attempted to list what was originally played.
5.  Some musical moments may last only seconds but I included them nonetheless. 
6.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page for thank yous.
7.  I've added a lil icon like this: to indicate "purchasable" songs.  You may not be able to find the exact recording (especially in the case of classical music) but close.

If you have any additions please email me. I'm looking for *all* music. Anything sung by a character on the show, heard in the background, or played over an important scene. If it was sung or played (no matter how well or how shortly), I'll add it!


Episode Title



First Season

The Southbound Bus

"I Am Thankful for This Beautiful Day"
Della Reese

"Moon Over Carolina"
Band in bar scene

Show Me the Way Home

God/The Lord Moves in a Mysterious Way Della Reese

Tough Love

I Hadn’t Anyone Till You Billie Holiday

Amazing Grace
Della Reese

Amazing Grace

Fallen Angela

Cassie's Choice

"Flute Playing"
"Cassie" played by Alyson Hannigan

"Monica's Orchestra"

I Found a Million Dollar Baby
Della Reese

"Punk Song"
Cassie's boyfriend's (Craig's) band

The Heart of the Matter

"I Need a Hand"
???/ played during merchandise returning scene

"Rock Muzak"
During biker bar scene

"Rockin' Dance Music"
During dance club scene

That's The Way Love Is  Bobby Darin (I think)

An Unexpected Snow

"Piano Playing"
"Adam" played by Charles Rocket

What is This Thing Called Love?
Della Reese


"In My Car" ???/ played during the golf course scene

Unknown classical music
Played during the banquet, if you know its name or composer please lemme know

"The Clubhouse Song"
Robin Thomas and Jonathan Hernandez as "Harrison" and "Manny/Luis"

Fear Not!

"Unknown song"
Rae' Ven Kelly as "Serena" at start

Hallelujah Chorus
Church choir through out

Silent Night
Rae' Ven Kelly as "Serena"

Silent Night
Randy Travis as "Wayne"

O Little Town of Bethlehem
Randy Travis

Hallelujah Chorus
Gloriana Choir as the angelic choir

There But For the Grace of God

Walk with You (slow version)
Della Reese (lovely, lovely version of the theme)

The Hero

Angels on the Air
"The Moist Screwdriver"
The Amphibians (the not-so-good music Monica is listening to at start.  Doesn't seem to be real, thank God!)

"Music store cacophony"
Through out the show

"Get Moving"
During the shopping scene

"Fast Dance song"
Band at prom

"Slow Dance song"
Band at prom
In the Name of God
Della Reese, at start

"Monica's pick radio music"
Unknown but Tess sure didn't like it

If I Can Dream
Della Reese

Second Season

Interview with an Angel

His Eye is on the Sparrow
Della Reese

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
Della Reese with Bruce Altman aka "Henry" on piano


Sympathy for the Devil

Eight Second Hero Randy Travis

There's a Cold Spell Movin' In
Daryle Singletary

Too Much Fun
Daryle Singletary

I Let Her Lie
Daryle Singletary

"Your typical carnival muzak"
Through out the show

The Driver

"Bar muzak"
Retirement party scene

"Soft, classical-like muzak"
Grace Willis' apartment


When the Saints Go Marching In
New Orleans style band "Megan" leads in

Wade in the Water
Della Reese, Natalie Cole, Maya Angelou, and Roma Downey

Operation Smile

"Stripping muzak"
In the strip club (natch)

"Gonna have a big old night tonight"
Unknown song "Albert" (Tone Loc) is singing in his car

The Big Bang

Unidentified Female "For the First Time"
It's the song you hear when Jennifer and Cookie arrive at Clay's party.  No idea what it is but I kept hearing "For the First/Last Time" repeatedly.

"Jazzy instrumental"
You can hear it during scenes set on the balcony

"Picture This, Picture That"
Song playing at party

"Techno muzak"
Playing later at party

The Feather

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Edna (Monique Ridge) on church organ

Joy to the World
Muzak playing at church's Christmas reception

What Child is This?/ Greesleeves
Della Reese hums this tune during montage at hospital nursery

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Muzak playing at diner

Holy, Holy, Holy
Church choir, accompanied by Edna on organ

Angels We Have Heard on High
Church choir, accompanied by Edna on organ

The One That Got Away

Classical music
Heard several time on the train, not sure which pieces they are

Pachelbel's Canon
Also known as the wedding canon, played at the wedding, natch

Wedding March
Composed by Felix Mendelssohn

"This Man I Love"
Sung by Tess at the reception, if anyone knows the actual title of this song please lemme know

Instrumental pieces
Various ones played while Tess is NOT singing at the reception

The Rose
Sung by Tess at the reception for "Andy"

'Til We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again
Sung twice by the "Carpenter family", once the younger version and then at the final scene by the older version.  If I remember correctly the voices you actually hear with the older family are Martha Williamson, her mother, and Jon Andersen

God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Della Reese

Rock 'n' Roll Dad

"Hell is Just Another Place in My Heart"
A Matrinez as "Jon Mateos"

"I Sold My Soul to Rock n Roll"
A Matrinez as "Jon Mateos"

"I Know Someone's There"
Rosalind Allen as "Evie Mateos"  (I think this becomes part of "Evie's Song" aka "An Angel in the Light."  Can't remember exactly.)

"Evie's Song" aka "An Angel in the Light"
A Matrinez as "Jon Mateos" with Ivey Lloyd as his daughter Samantha

The Indigo Angel

"Misc. blues music"
Through out this episode.  May be someone more talented than I could name the tunes!

Piano "music"
Roma as "Monica" toying with a piano.  I said I was including *everything*.  Or trying to, anyhow!

"Spilled Coffee Blues"
Hal Linden as "Sam Brown"

"My Name is Monica"
Roma performing "Monica's" improvised blues song

Mood Indigo
Della as "Tess" aka "The Countess"

Rain or Shine
As above

Mood Indigo
B.B. King, Dr. John, and Al Hirt as themselves

When the Saints Go Marching In
B.B. King, Dr. John, Al Hirt, Al Jarreau, and Della Reese as "Tess"

Jacob's Ladder

"Piano muzak"
During scenes at the lawyers' bar

Out of the Darkness

Lost and Found

"Carousel Music" During open sequence, mall scenes

Jazzy piano music
During Frank and Kathleen's dinner.  If someone knows the name of the piece, please let me know.

Dear God

I couldn't find any non-score music in this.  But for what it's worth, I think the score in this one is some of the best on TBAA.

Portrait of Mrs. Campbell

Classical music
Played in the art gallery in the first scene of the episode.  Specifics unknown by me.

The Quality of Mercy

"Campy soap opera score"
During Redding's soap character's death bed scene

Flesh and Blood


It's Been a Long, Long Time
Roma Downey makes an attempt, Kathie Lee Gifford picks it up as "Jolene"

Hush Little Baby
Kathie Lee Gifford as "Jolene"

It's Been a Long, Long Time (reprised)
Della Reese and William Daniels as "Whit"

Statute of Limitations

"Morgan Bell Theme"
Typical sleazy talk show theme music

"60s Instrumental"
I couldn't make out if this was actual music from the 60s or just muzack written to sound era-appropriate

Third Season

Promised Land

"Need a Hand"
A country-sounding song on the radio Russell Greene is listening to

You Don't Have to Move that Mountain
Trisha Yearwood

"New York street music"
When Russell goes to NY, natch

"Unnamed rock song"
On the radio during Dinah's birthday party

A Joyful Noise

Classical music
There is a *ton* of classical music in this episode.  It's pretty vital to the plot.  Unfortunately, I could not identify a single piece.  Much of it did sound familiar though...

The children's choir

"Angelic music"
The angel choir that Melissa hears.  I don't think it's really a song, just beautiful vocalizations.

Simple Gifts/Tis a Gift to be Simple
The children's choir

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
Roma Downey starts, taken over by a choir.  Assumedly of angels.  0:-)

Random Acts

"Several Unnamed Rock Songs"
You can hear rock music during almost every car scene.  I don't think any were actual, well-known songs.

Sins of the Father

"Miscellaneous Hip Hop/ Rap"
In several exterior scenes through out.  I know next to nothing about either genres.  So these could be well known songs.  But I'm going to guess not.

Written In Dust

Down in the Valley
Snippet sung by Roma Downey

Native American chant
Russell Means as "Edison"

"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"
Della Reese

Secret Service

Patriot music medley
Strains of the American national anthem and "Stars and Stripes" cane be heard during rally scenes


"Jazzy Muzak"
Heard in the background of some scenes

The Sky Is Falling
(This information is according to the "War of the Worlds" script here.)

Mercury Theatre theme
At the start of his "War of the Worlds" broadcast, around which the plot of this episode revolves,you hear this.

La Cumparsita The parents in this episode dance to this instrumental piece performed by Ramón Raquello

Swing music
Bobby Millette and orchestra

Battle Hymn of the Republic
Della Reese, briefly joined by those gathered in the church

Something Blue

Classical music
Augh.  This episode drives me crazy.  There's a classical piece that's played often through out.  Any ideas what it is, anyone?

Down by the Old Mill Stream
Della Reese leads the wedding guests in a rendition of this song
Into the Light Mack the Knife
Bobby Darin

I think it's an instrumental version of an Elvis song playing in Amy Ann's room.  Maybe not.

Take My Hand, Precious Lord 
Elvis Presley

Homecoming (1)

Red River Valley
Delta Burke as "Julia"

"Rock Muzak"
Played at the thrift store

"Bluesy music"
Played at the bar

Played in the pimp's car
Homecoming (2) Red River Valley Delta Burke as "Julia," later reprised again by Eddie Karr as "Nathaniel Greene"

The Journalist

"News theme"
Played during the news show segments, natch

The Violin Lesson

Violin music
Okay, this is played during the intro and I think it's an actual classical music piece.  If anyone knows it please let me know

More violin music
Yet another piece I think is classical, if not the same piece as heard in the introduction.  Both "Jordan" and "Tony" play it during the course of the episode at different times.

Joy to the World
"Mattie" plays it for the family on his violin

Silent Night
"Jordan" is playing it on his violin when Tess visits on the night of Tony's birth.

Angels We Have Heard On High
Playing on the CD in Tony's hospice room

Forget Me Not


Played at the lawyers' bar

More instrumental
Played at the Hamilton's housewarming party

Crisis of Faith

"Soft radio music"
Karen's room

Organ music
At the funeral

Angel of Death

Classical music
In the opening scene

"Eric's stage music"
Heard several time through out the episode.  Kinda techno-y

Clipped Wings

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Amazing Grace (1)

"Varied Muzak"
This episode is rife with it whether the jazzy variety in Michael's car, the hip hop coming from other cars, or the background music in the cafe and grocery store

Perpetual Blues Machine
Keb' Mo', played in the cafe after hours

"Charmaine's gospel song"
Sung by Charmaine Neville during the weight loss meeting scene.  Not sure what the song was, though.

Organ music
At the church

Hand It Over
Another Keb' Mo' song but sung by the church choir

"Michael Composition"
A new age-y, jazz piece

"The Landlady's Daughter"
A lil ditty Lou Gossett, Jr. (as Anderson) sings and accompanies himself to with a harmonica

Hand It Over
This time actually sung by Keb' Mo'

I just really like the vocalizations they got going during the shooting scene.  Gives me chills.

Amazing Grace (2)

In Times Like These/My Anchor Holds
The hymn being sung/hummed by Charmaine and Tonya at the hospital has now been identified by Darla!

"Varied Muzak"
More hip hop coming from the cars and some lighter fare in the beauty shop

Organ music
Assorted hymns I can't place being played in the church

Amazing Grace
Lou Gossett, Jr. as Anderson on harmonica

Amazing Grace
Sung by the church at the funeral

Labor of Love

Have You Seen Me?

"Elevator Muzak"

Earth Angel
The Penguins

"50s Instrumental"

Last Call

Someone To Watch Over Me
Della Reese (twice)

Piano music
Through out the episode

Work It Out Della Reese

Little Girl Blue
Della Reese

Missing In Action

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
Episode cast

"40s Swingy Music"
During bingo scene

Piano music
Played by Gwen Verdon as Lorraine

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Christina Pickles as Stephanie on piano

At Risk

Hold Your Head Up
Argent- Unfortunately this was removed from the DVD version.  Too bad as it really added a lot, I thought.  :-(

"Background music"
At Lena DeLee's home

Full Moon

An Angel by Any Other Name

Inherit the Wind Victims of Comfort
Keb' Mo'

City Boy
Keb' Mo'

"Just Pretend"
Unknown country song playing in diner

Every Morning
Keb' Mo'

Blues music
In the blues club where Kevin meets Andrew

Just Like You
Keb' Mo'

More Than One Way Home
Keb' Mo'

Hand It Over
Keb' Mo'

A Delicate Balance

Piano music
Played during various gymnasium scenes

Instrumental rock
At the skateboard center

At the Browner's house

Nadia's Theme aka Cotton's Dream
During Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci's routine

Fourth Season

The Road Home (1)

"Finally Free"
The country song playing in Joe's car.  It sounded like a real song but Internet searches revealed nothing.
The Road Home (2)
(Originally a "Promised Land" episode)
When You Cry
Faith Hill

"Sitting Next to Me"
A country song playing in the bar.  Again, it sounded like a real song but I found nothing online.

Great Expectations

At the cafe

Nothing But Net

Organ music
At the basketball game

Club music
At the club EZ goes to

Hip hop muzak
In EZ's car

Children of the Night

Guitar playing
One of street kids plays guitar

"What a Girl Can Do"
Unknown rock song Ally chooses on the juke box at Tess' cafe. 

Jones vs. God

Soon It's Gonna Rain

Della Reese (from "The Fantasticks")

Jazz music
Played in the barber shop

Our Little Town
Greg Brown

The Pact

"If You're Happy at Camp Sunlight"
Tess and campers

On Melanie's headphones

Guitar playing
Alexis Cruz as Rafael while trying to help Melanie find her song

"Stupid Camp Songs"
Thora Birch as a very sarcastic Erin

Duermete Nino Lindo (Hush My Pretty Baby) Alexis Cruz as Rafael

Duermete Nino Lindo (Hush My Pretty Baby) Jade Villalon as Melanie and cast


Music in cafe

My Dinner With Andrew

Light, jazzy muzak
During the auction scene

Piano muzak
At Chez Tess'

"I'm Cooking, What a Blessing"
A lil ditty Tess sings

What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
Della Reese


"Salvation's Child Title Theme"
You hear it a few times during scenes dealing with the fictional film
The Comeback Street music
Some street musicians Monica listens to

Don't Rain on My Parade
Carrie Hamilton as Allison (from "Funny Girl")

My Favorite Things
Roma Downey (from "The Sound of Music")

Whatever Lola Wants
Rita Moreno as Amanda (from "Damn Yankees")

Everything's Coming Up Roses
Carol Burnett as Lilian and Carrie Hamilton (from "Gypsy")

Everything's Coming Up Roses Rita Moreno

I'm Still Here introduction
Played by orchestra in flashback scene to Lillian's opening night (from Sondheim's "Follies")

Lullaby of Broadway
Roma Downey (from
"42nd Street")

I'm Still Here
Carol Burnett


Documentary background music
On the Venice documentary Annie watches

Santa Lucia
Violin player at the end

Santa Lucia
Orchestral version during the, ahem, stunning Venice scene

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

O Little Town of Bethlehem
Randy Travis

O Come All Ye Faithful
Instrumental version on radio at Wayne and Joey's house

Christmas Medley
Several carols can be heard coming from the music box at Mark Twain's house.  I identified "Silent Night," "O Come Let Us Adore Him," and "The Holly and the Ivy" (which is what Jean is humming along with during her bath).  However, there could be others.

Swingy music
Heard in Wayne's car

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
 Assumedly the little girl who played Helen (for some reason she's not listed on the ep guide)

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Paul Wittenburg as Joey

Angels We Have Heard on High
Episode cast

Deconstructing Harry

Organ music
At the funeral

Chatanooga Choo Choo
Lainie Kazan as Doris

You Are My Sunshine
Lainie Kazan and Della Reese

We Live On Borrowed Time
Lainie Kazan

We Can Only Try
Lainie Kazan

The Trigger

Unknown rock
At the skating rink

Cartoon theme
At the house

The Skater's Waltz
Played during Monica and Andrew's ice skating routine.  Thanks for the title, Darla!


Jazz music
At Gem's Bar and Grill

You'll Never Know
Barbara Mandrell as Ada

Redeeming Love

Hard rock
Heard at the flop house at least a couple times

Hollywood Hounds theme
The cartoon the children are watching at Lydia's supplier's home

"Don't Come Around Here"
Rock song briefly heard at the drug supplier's home, info unknown

Bluesy rock Heard at the bar

"God is My Redeemer"/"Redeeming Love"
The million dollar question.  People have even emailed *me* about how to get this.  This song is begun by Monica and then taken up by the angelic choir.  However, numerous internet searches through the years have turned up no source.  I had heard at one point that Martha Williamson heard this song at a church and asked to use it on the show.  My guess is it was written by someone at that church and never put on CD.  If you have leads, please lemme know!

Flights of Angels

Sad, Sad Day
Muddy Waters

Unknown blues music
At Richard's studio

Stars Fell on Alabama
Billie Holiday

"Tomorrow's a New Day"
Played during the montage of Richard working after the fire.  Unknown.

Breaking Bread

Hard rock
Played in the opening sequence over someone playing pinball

Hymn #42/Faith of Our Fathers
I had no idea what this hymn actually was but Tess identifies it as Hymn #42 during the church service.  Thanks to Darla it's been identified by name.

God and Country

Played at the funeral

How Do You Spell Faith?

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Cry and You Cry Alone

Soft music
Played at the diner

Perfect Little Angel

Instrumental muzak
Played during the pageant registration

Love Can Move Mountains
Celine Dion

Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1
"Tracy" plays it during the pageant.  No idea who is actually playing.

Unchained Melody
"Ashley" sings it.

Flute music
Working off notes I wrote weeks ago and can't recall at what point a flute is played.  Likely during the pageant by a contestant.


R & B vocalizing
No idea who it is but you hear them in the background as Monica gives Jake a tour of the slum.

You hear indeterminate radio music through out: loud bass music, baseball park-style music

"Passover music"
Regrettably, except for the entry below, I am unsure of the names of the Passover songs.

Go Down, Moses
Sol at Passover

Eliyahu HaNavi
During the Passover scene with Sol and at odd moments through out the episode. 

Go Down, Moses/ Eliyahu HaNavi
In one of my favorite TBAA musical moments, and one of the most dramatic, they splice together Tess and the supporting cast singing "Let My People Go" with Bruce Davidson as Jake singing "Eliyahu HaNavi" over his injured son.

Last Dance

You hear various 70s style muzak tunes on Andrew's radio show.

When I See You Smile
Uncle Sam- Heard a couple times

Hot Stuff
Donna Summer

Peaches and Herb

"Mexican muzak"
Heard in the background at the hotel

The Spirit of Liberty Moon 

"Music on street"
The old standby...

Chinese music
Heard in the restaurant where they find Jean

Fifth Season

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Saving Grace (1)

What Are Friends For?
"I'm Holding You All Night"
There's some guy with a deep voice singing a disco song at Frodo's as the young Trio sing and hang out.  That title is the only lyric I could make out.

"Jazzy music" Played while Carrie and Tom wait for the call

When they enter the reunion, there's disco music playing but if it's something legit then I didn't catch it.  I'm trying to get back into practice with this.

Open Arms

"Disco 2" Played later on at the reunion.  I think I heard the word "baby" but nothing else.

The "Terrible Trio" in their younger and older incarnations

"Jazzy music"
Played at the bar during the meeting between Carrie, Tom, and Monica

"Another bar song"
This one had words but I couldn't make any out over Carrie's and Billy's discussion in the bar after his arrest

Only Connect

Believe In You
Amanda Marshall

The Lady of the Lake

"There's a Brand New Morning"
Della Reese as Tess

"To Forget About You"
A female country vocalist is singing when Monica first enters Laurel's cafe.  Those are the only lyrics I can make out.

"My Heart Breaks"
A male country vocalist is singing shortly after Blake enters the cafe.  Those three words are all I hear.

"I Don't Know Why"
Yep, another female country vocalist in the cafe as Blake and Laurel chat.  I can't figure anything out on this.  I think I *may* have heard "I don't know why" but unsure.

When Blake enters to announce the company is proceeding, there's something that I think is only instrumental playing in the cafe.  This was one annoying episode as far as trying to track stuff down!  Total fail!

Beautiful Dreamer

"Music box songs"
In the scene (cut from the Hallmark version) of Monica working on Mary's dress, you hear what sounds like a music box playing.  A similar piece can be heard in the pub in between choruses of "Beautiful Dreamer" sung by the patrons.

Hail to the Chief
Played by the band as Lincoln enters the theatre.

Beautiful Dreamer
Sung by the bar patrons while President Lincoln is in the theatre.

Battle Hymn of the Republic
A chorus singing this can be heard during the president's funeral and again at the very end as Calvin stands before his monument.

I Do

Played in the bridal boutique

Rock instrumental
Heard at the bachelor party as Monica jumps out of the cake.  It kinda sounds like the intro to "Bad to the Bone."

Ode to Joy
Beethoven- Heard right before the wedding is to take place.

The Wedding Song
Della Reese

The Wind Beneath Our Wings

You're in the Army
Marion Ross as Emma and Della Reese as Tess

I'll Be Seeing You
Marion Ross as Emma and Della Reese as Tess

Psalm 151

Happy Birthday
Wynonna Judd as Audrey

"Wherever You Are Going"
The jingle Audrey is composing

You Are My Sunshine
Wynonna Judd as Audrey, Joseph Cross as Petey

Simple Gifts
Wynonna Judd as Audrey, Joseph Cross as Petey

Heart and Soul
Petey and Tess on piano

Love Can Move Mountains
Celine Dion

Love Can Move Mountains Mika Boorem as Cordelia

You Were Loved
Wynonna Judd

Testify to Love/Psalm 151
Snippets of Wynonna Judd solo are heard through out the episode, then she leads a choral version at the end

The Peacemaker

"It's Markus Tanner Time"
The little ditty Michelle and Scott sing to their son when he gets his acceptance letter.

Classical music
You can hear it in both scenes of Tess in Michelle's studio

Piano music
Scott plays the piano after he and Michelle discuss divorce.  It sounds classical, not sure what it is.

Through the Years  Kenny Rogers
An Angel on the Roof O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Instrumental at the start of the episode

We Three Kings
Instrumental, heard in Tess' cafe when we meet the three truckers

Christmas carol
I think I hear a second Christmas carol after "We Three Kings" but I'm not positive

Deck the Halls
Tess sings a couple bars at the cafe

O Come Let Us Adore Him
Instrumental at the end of the episode

Fool For Love

Rock melody
Heard when we're first introduced to the bar set, I don't believe it had words.

Walkaway Joe
Trisha Yearwood- Heard at least three times during the episode.

Light piano instrumental
Heard in all bar scenes starting with the second one.

"Jesse's Car Song"
I couldn't make out any of the words, though I think there were some.  It's playing in Jesse's car when he drops Sara off on her birthday.

I'm On Fire
Bruce Springsteen- In Jesse's car after he and Sara run away.

"Since You've Gone"
Country song played in the cafe when Sara tells Jesse she's pregnant.  I think I heard that phrase and "feel like I've been dying."

"Oh My Baby"
Jesse sings a couple bars when he's all happy after selling Abby... classy...  No idea if it's a real song he was trying to cover or just his own stupid thing.

Ode to Joy

The Medium and the Message

My Brother's Keeper

On Edge

"New Agey piece"
Andrew plays it during the initial skating scene, you hear it again during another skating scene later on.

"Until the Day I Die"
The song played at the rink after the above.  I couldn't make out lyrics beyond "Until the day I die... give me one more chance" and I'm not even positive about those.

"Percussive Rock Beat"
Heard as Monica and Bart discuss the expensive skates.

Color Everywhere
Deana Carter- During the practice montage, also what Haley's music box plays.

"You Wanna Go/Know"
Song heard briefly before the power goes out and Bart steals the skates.

Somebody's Out There Watching
The Kinleys- During the final skating event.

When I See You Smile
Uncle Sam- During Tara Lipinski's routine.

The Man Upstairs

Taking a Chance on Love
Della Reese both at the beginning and the end of the episode.

"Piano music"
Heard at the casino through out.

My Funny Valentine
Della Reese as Monica and Gus dance.

Wedding March (Could have also been the Canon, can't recall.)
On a lame keyboard at the Elvis chapel.

This Little Light of Mine
Michael Jeter as Gus after Monique's final appeal.

Family Business

Still the One
Orleans- In the opening scene

In the scene at the dealership after the theme song.

Chumbawamba- In Buddy's car.  :-)

"Soft Jazz"
Tess' Society Trio at the anniversary soirée.

"Hard Rock Speeding Song"
Another one from Buddy's car.

"Organ music"
In the mortuary both when the family goes to choose a casket and again during the funeral (Tess playing).

The Old Rugged Cross
Some lady at the funeral.

Anatomy Lesson

On Top of Old Smoky

On Top of Spaghetti

Hush Little Baby
Jamie, intro by Tess

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Tess and Jamie

Folks Who Live on the Hill

Jagged Edges

"Play off music"
After Natalie's routines

Amanda repeatedly plays a lullabye I just can't place on the piano.

Rock a Bye Baby Amanda

Into the Fire

For the Beauty of the Earth
The children of the compound a couple times.

Made in the U.S.A.

"The Presidents' Song"
Tess (and later Am-Nhac)

"Guitar music"
Nick plays briefly while in his car. 

Blowin' in the Wind
It coulda just been me hearing things but it sounded like a guitar-only version of this could briefly be heard during the flashback of Cadao being transported.

Full Circle

"Cartoon theme music"
I can hear some really familiar sounding cartoon music playing in the background during the dinner prep scene as the kid watches TV.

Black Like Monica

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Town choir

The band plays something I can't place when Mrs. Parks arrives.

"Her Name is Rosa" Chanted by the crowd when Mrs. Parks arrives.

There's a country song playing in the bar Monica enters.  All I could make out were the lyrics "Sometimes I... makes me wonder what went wrong" sung by a female.

Fighting the Good Fight

Bob Dylan



Lucky Lindy
???- It's sung at the start of the episode and while I found recordings of it, they didn't sound like the TBAA one.

Classical music
Played during a romantic scene between Josie and her husband at Mission Control- Cut from THC version.

Sixth Season

Such a Time as This

For Such A Time As This

Wayne Watson

"Guitar music"
Some guy at the ambassador's party

The Compass

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
Trio of women at the USO dance

Della Reese

(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover
Everyone in the Underground during the raid
The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life "Cafe music"
Something's playing in a couple of the Corey at the diner scenes but I couldn't make anything out in either scene.

Never Can Say Goodbye

Gloria Gaynor

Holdin' On To Yesterday


Por Una Cabeza
Andrew's and Delores' tango.  It's composed by Carlos Gardel but I have no idea who performed the TBAA version.

House At Pooh Corner

Loggins & Messina

The Letter

Bach's Ode to Joy
Heard repeatedly on the radio, Tino plays it, and Tess plays it

"Spanish music"
Heard in Roberto's car.  Other than the above I couldn't identify any of the music

From a radio at the camp

"Organ music"
At the church

Tino improvises a piano piece after hearing the birds.

Played at the Conservatory.  Unsure what piece it is

"Spanish song"
Performed by Rafael and Co. at the party

Til Death Do Us Part

Old Smokey
Played on harmonica at Jordan's party

"Slow Dance with You"
When Molly and Jordan dance.  I did a lyrics search and found nothing.

"Down Town"
When Andrew and Molly dance.  Upbeat country song.  "Down town" are the only lyrics I could make out.

"Slow Country Ballad"
When Jordan and Donna talk at the party.  Couldn't make any lyrics out.  Female vocalist.

Amazing Grace
On harmonica at Jordan's memorial

The Occupant

League Of Angels

Carolee Mayne

Voice of an Angel

God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You 

'N Sync

"Choir music"
Alice's choir is performing when Tess and Monica enter the building

42nd Street
Charlotte Church (with reprise by the drunk guy)

"Accordion music"
At Harold Square

I Will Survive
3 ladies at the karaoke place

Danny Boy
Roma Downey as Monica

Panis Angelicus 

Charlotte Church

The Whole Truth And Nothing But...

Taiwanese Dance
When the troupe performs in the park

Then Sings My Soul

"Piano hymn"
Andrew plays it when Tess confronts Bo in his office.  I assume it's a hymn based on context but I can't place it.

Surely the Presence of the Lord Della Reese and Tom Sullivan as Clarence

To God Be the Glory Jennifer Holliday as Norma

I Have Decided Jo Dee Messina as Susi

Hand It Over
Keb' Mo' as Isaac

Doubly Good to You Della Reese

How Great Thou Art
Greg Evigan as Bo with Ms. Reese and choir taking over

The Christmas Gift

Away in the Manger
Robert plays it on his trumpet, it's heard on the radio at the pawn shop, and, finally, Gabe plays it on the trumpet.

O Come Let Us Adore Him
Heard at the soup kitchen.

(I Long To Feel The) Christmas Spirit
Donna Summer

Another Christmas carol
Heard later at the soup line but I couldn't make it out over Tess and LaBelle speaking.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Also at soup kitchen


Big band music
Heard a lot at the beginning

In the Mood
When Angela meets up with her almost-fiance.

With God As My Witness

Hearts and Souls
Monica and Jim on piano

A House Divided

99 Bottles of Root Beer
John and Andrew in the caddy.  Cute.  :-)

Buy Me a Rose

Random piano music

Multiple times through out the episode like at the start during the reception and later at the hotel when you hear a jazzy number and a slow number during Denny's breaks.

Young Danny to, duh, young Ellen

Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Kenny Rogers

I Want to Hold You in My Dreams
Kenny Rogers

Buy Me A Rose Kenny Rogers

"Mr. Piano Man"
Kenny Rogers

Life Before Death

Irish reel
When Tommy and his brother speak at the pub

Irish jig
They all dance to it at the house

Let There Be Peace on Earth
Tess, joined by everyone at the funeral

The Perfect Game

There is gobs of music played at Cherry Lanes but it's so quiet and tinny that I couldn't make anything out.  There's a female new agey/alternative number at the start.  I *may* have heard the phrase "leading me on" during it.  Also heard a country song by a female.  And another by a male.  There's disco on the radio show.  Then maybe a 50s style love song at the alley?

Here I Am

At points the score sounded kinda classical but I think it was just TBAA score.  Lemme know if I'm wrong, though!

Bar Mitzvah

You can hear some sorta music at the gym but I couldn't even hear well enough over the clanking machines to know if it had words.

True Confessions

Someone sings this during the performance of Agnes of God.

Quality Time

Boccherini's Minuet
At the start

"School Song"
Played by the band at the volleyball game.

Tuba "music"
Angelo attempts to play his tuba.  I have no clue what he's playing or if maybe he's just improvising.

Living the Rest of My Life

30s/40s-style swing
Heard at three points in this episode.  First, in Abby's room at the home right after she moves in.  Then again during the fund raiser.  Also at the end.  I couldn't identify any of it.

Stealing Hope

Classical music
I definitely recognize it but couldn't place it.  You hear it when the two punks pull up with the stolen car.

"Gas Station Song"
You hear, like, one bar of a song when the girl pulls up to the gas station.  I couldn't make the words out.

Monica's Bay Day

Piano music
At Flynn's Bar and Grill.

A Clown's Prayer

Pipe organ music
At the circus, of course!

Mother's Day

Testify to Love Wynonna Judd

Peggy Sue
Buddy Holly (Not positive it was Buddy Holly singing in the episode but coulda been.)

"Country Song"
Heard at the bar.  All I could make out was a male voice singing "I see you runnin'."

That's What Makes You Strong
The Judds

Pandora's Box

Misc. Lots of music but not any that was traceable.  At least twice you hear classical music at the antique shop.  It was so quiet I'm not even gonna bother to try and locate it.  There are also a couple instrumental pieces heard at the cyber cafe.  Kiki has a few pop songs playing in her room.  First, a woman singing something with the lyrics "I'll always remember" and a guy singing "can't stop this burning in my heart."  There's a third pop song later on but I couldn't even hear enough to determine the gender of the singer.  Finally, Dean gets Sarah to listen to some hard rock junk.  I chose not to dignify that by trying to pluck out lyrics.

Seventh Season

The Face on the Barroom Floor

Down in the Depths (On the 90th Floor)
Della Reese

Just in Time
Della Reese and Richard Chamberlain

She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
Della Reese

"Old Timey Tunes"
Played on the piano at the saloon.  Sounded vaguely familiar.

When I Was a Lad
Richard Chamberlain- Gilbert and Sullivan tune he used to launch into his elixir jingle

Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Richard Chamberlain


Assorted background music
There's some girl singing when the three new roomies are playing pool.  Later there's just some percussive number there.  Actually, I think maybe I can hear a guy with a deep voice singing during it.  ETA: I missed these the first time around: loud rock as Rafael, Tess, and Andrew survey the frat house at the beginning.  You can also hear some male singer when Sam lectures Max in the dorm hall.  Again with the rock during the swine chug scene.  You can hear a woman singing during the cut Sam and Tess scene.

The Invitation

God Can
Della Reese- In the first scene, reprised later

Assorted background music There's something far less moving in Annie's beauty shop.  Just some elevator music-like jazz.  During the first bar scene, there's some lady singing something with the lyrics "It's all right, you'll get by" or similar.  Later another song, kinda countryish, has a woman singing "Don't let her go" or something like that. 

God Can
Tess leads Rick, Andrew, Clara, and Millie


Silent movie music
The only music I picked up on was during "Redemption/Damnation" and a couple other silent films.  In a cut scene, a man is playing along to a different silent film as Stevie sleeps in a theater.  And there's another example of that as Tess wheels Chandler into the theater where Stevie is watching another film.

Finger of God

Background music
Male country singer at JJ's cafe.  It leads into a solo banjo or similar piece.  More instrumental country in Tess' car.

The Empty Chair

Breakfast with the Baxters theme music

Sibelius' Valse Triste
Played by Betsy on the piano

God Bless the Child

Charnelle is listening to something on her Walkman when the episode starts.  Rap, I guess.  And again when she enters the museum.  Could be the same thing.

"Monica Sings Billie"
A bit later we get to hear Monica poorly crooning along with Billie Holiday. 

Misc. performance music
Billie's band is rehearsing when she enters during her first scene.  Andrew plays something on the piano as a sorta audition for Billie.  There's jazzy dancing music before the final scene with Billie and before that when Andrew and Tess are in her dressing room.

Them There Eyes
Billie Holiday

Strange Fruit

Billie Holiday

Reasonable Doubt

The Grudge

Organ music
While collection plate is passed

An Angel on My Tree

Instrumental Christmas music in background
An instrumental "Joy to the World" is played at the mall during the opening.  "O Christmas Tree" is heard at the mall, too.  Later you hear an instrumental "Jingle Bells" at the Benson residence. 

All That You Could Be
Kenny Rogers

Mi Familia

"I Got No"
The thugs have it playing in their car after the failed wedding.  No clue what it is.  Not worth searching time!

Background music
In Anna's dad's diner.

The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways

Background music
At Kelly's place.  The first scene there has a country-style piece and later there's a more bluesy one.

Tess medley- Flashback songs
They replay Della singing "If a Man Can Dream" over clips.  The flashbacks also have Tess singing her "I Am Cooking" ditty from MDWA, "Soon It's Gonna Rain" ("Jones V. God"), the presidents song from "Made in the U.S.A.," "When the Saints Go Marching In" from "Indigo Angel," "In This Place" from "Then Sings My Soul," and "He Can Work It Out" from "Last Call."

The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways
Tess sings it while waiting at Kelly's place.

A Death in the Family

Mrs. Griffin sings a hymn that Monica claims as a favorite but I can't place it.

Walk With Me, Lord
Sung at the church right after Andrew and Frank enter

Also sung at the church.  It sounds like the Harry Belafonte version melody-wise but the lyrics are different.

Bringer of Light

Thief of Hearts

Mall music
Muzak in places throughout the mall and then the carousel music there, too.

Winners, Losers & Leftovers

Pop Goes the Weasel
During musical chairs.  :-)

I Am an Angel

Ethereal muzak
At the convention

Visions of Thy Father

The Penalty Box

Classical music
During the opening scene.  I recognize it but just cannot place it!

Rap song
When Jeff first enters Eastside

Cafeteria music
When Jeff and Tess meet

Heavy metal
At the St. Crispin's party some guy is singing.  Heck if I can make anything out.  Do not care for metal...

Band of Angels

Tess starts it then Henry picks it up.  Tess reprises when Henry is shot.

Blues music
At Henry's during the first flashback

Piano playing
Alex plunks away as Henry reads his lyrics in a flashback

"Feeling Guilty"
Henry's daughter plays a recording of her dad singing this

When Your Spirit Gets Weak
Plus One

Harmonica tune
When they first enter the club

The Promise
Plus One

The Sign of the Dove

Soft muzak
At the pub.  Too quiet to make much of anything out.

WWII era music
During that flashback scene

Irish Fiddle
At the reception

Sunrise, Sunset Charles Rocket

The Face of God

Netherlands Angels We Have Heard on High
Madeline sings it and later Gloria sings it to her

Rock song
In the Driver's car.  Oh maybe it's...


Shadows Of Knight- This according to  I did not pick up on it.  Will have to check next time.  May be a while, though, cause I really don't like this episode.


Laura Branigan (Canadian Version)

No One is Alone

Mandy Patinkin

Shallow Water (1)

Shallow Water
Randy Travis and Winslow Family- Heard as a flashback at the start, again on the bus as they practice, and then also sung by Diana in her room.

Oh, What A Time
Gaither Vocal Band with Winslow family

Feet On The Rock
John Schneider with Winslow family

Because He Lives
Gaither Vocal Band with Winslow family

Guitar playing
Keb' Mo' is strumming along when Monica finds him

Down by the Riverside
Church choir at the end

Shallow Water (2)

Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Nell Carter with Keb' Mo' on guitar and "Diana" on piano

"Steal Your Heart Away"
They go onto sing this song as the second segment opens.  No clue what it really is.

Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle
Randy Travis (with Keb' Mo')

See Myself In You
Randy Travis- Cut from the Hallmark version

God Trying To Get Your Attention
Keb' Mo'

Shallow Water

Delta Burke as "Diana"- It's reprised a couple times


Randy Travis

Eighth Season

Holy of Holies

Classical music
At the history dept party

"Down At Your Feet"
Sung by Della Reese and Valerie Bertinelli as Tess and Gloria

The Perfect Game

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Della Reese

National Anthem
Della Reese

The Birthday Present

London Bridge

Rock-a-Bye Baby
Tess hums this to Sarah


Piano music
"Lou" plays it at the club through out the episode

Make Someone Happy
Debbie Reynolds

Make Someone Happy
Tess reprises it

Heartache Tonight
The Eagles

You Made Me Love You
A couple doing karaoke

For Me and My Gal
Don't know who is singing this when Andrew and Gloria dance

"I Want to Be Your Friend"
Roma Downey as Monica

The Man That Got Away
Debbie Reynolds and Della Reese

Give My Regards to Broadway
A buncha people at the club


Sung by the rabbi at the end.  I *think* it's the Seven Blessings but not positive

Mazel Tov
Sung by the congregation

Famous Last Words

Country background music X 3
There's some country music playing in the cafe during the first scene there.  Can't make lyrics out but it's a woman singing.  In the next diner scene, there's another country song.  Male vocalist, I think.  All I could hear was "on a clear and sunny day."  There's a third song once Gloria takes over for Shirlee but, again, can't make anything out. 

"Shares Your Tears"
Unknown.  I suspect it was recorded for the show.  I could only make out "shares your tears and then you will find your way."  It's a beautiful piece at the end.

Most Likely To Succeed

Band music
At football game

Possibly Journey number?
I think I heard Journey when people start arriving for the reunion but wasn't positive.

When everyone's getting name tags

Soulful Song
You can hear a woman singing during the first dance but I couldn't make much out.

"One Thing That I'll Tell You"
Another soulful dance song.  "And there's one thing that I'll tell you" is all I could make out.

My List Toby Keith

Heaven's Portal

"Take Me to Love"
The ridiculous song Gloria plays whilst driving.

Trance music
Nick plays a lot of it in his room.  One had lyrics like "Take me to God, take me to Heaven."

"Genesis Trance"
You hear some trance song at the rave that has lyrics seemingly inspired by the story of creation.

When Sunny Gets Blue

Jazz music
At the cyber cafe when Monica and Mike check for gas lines

Ramsey Lewis Trio song
Just know it's from "The In Crowd" but unsure on which numbers it is.

Music from Simon's band
Mike plays some for Monica and you can also hear it during Simon's hallucinations

The Way You Look Tonight
Simon's band

When Sunny Gets Blue
Allison sings it then Simon plays it.  Tess joins in.

Angels Anonymous

Instrumental muzak
In the pub at the start

Instrumental Christmas music "Deck the Halls" at the mall, "Jingle Bells" in the elevator, and "Away in the Manger" while Gloria and Dave shop.

Island music
Three different tropical-sounding songs are heard at Bubba's Polynesian Paradise.  I could make out the lyrics "under the stars" in one but that's it.

A Winter Carol

What Child is This?
Monica has an instrumental version playing in her shop

O Christmas Tree
Also instrumental at the shop

A Winter Carol
Steven Curtis Chapman

Angels We Have Heard on High
Sung at the pageant

Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The Last Chapter

Amazing Grace
Played by the music box


"Ashley and Jasmine"
Sung by the girls with Jasmine on guitar.  Later Jasmine sadly reprises it alone.

The Blue Angel

Music from the various public access shows
Let's see, we got... Doggone Duo's take on "Froggie Went a'Courtin."  There's the awesome organ music during "I, Claudia"...  "Elvis" has some instrumental junk playing as he speaks.  There's piano music as the girls dance during the Tess flashback.  Icky music during "The Blue Angel" bit.

God Bless America
By awful gum chewing lady

God Bless America
Della Reese- One short version, one longer

Stars and Stripes Forever
As the tribute starts.

Secrets and Lies

The Princeless Bride

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik When Liz enters the lobby and see Stuart

The Anniversary Song
Lainie Kazan

Big Band music
During the wedding

Hello I Love You

Heavy metal music
At the 3rd house Danni visits

Minute by Minute

Veni Sancte Spiritus
Sr. Theodore is singing it at the start.

The Bells of St. Peters

Latiny muzak
When Maggie is on hold with the insurance people

Que Sera, Sera
Doris Roberts


The Impossible Dream

Piano music
Reggie plays a bit at the start

"I Wanna Show You"
The quartet of students

Choir song
Charlotte is teaching the girls a song that sounded familiar to me but I couldn't place it

I Believe
Luther Vandross and Della Reese

The Impossible Dream
Luther Vandross

For All The Tea in China

It Is Well With My Soul
Della Reese plays it on the piano and sings with Angela Lansbury joining in.  Later, Lady B. remembers a service at her parents' church where the congregation sings that song.  And still later, she sings the song to her granddaughter.  And her best friend joins in.

Forever Young

Italian restaurant music
There's some music playing in the background at Robintino's.  Reminds me of what we hear in local Italian restaurants.  I wonder if it's the same CD in every one of em.  ;-)

Season Nine

A Rock and a Hard Place

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
Della Reese as Tess

The Sixteenth Minute

Travel muzak
In Ed's car as he drives

Ballet score
In Marla's dream of dancing you hear a piece that I assume is from a ballet I am unfamiliar with.
Two Sides to Every Angel Country song
Playing at Louie's- Unknown

"Drive You Wild"
The first song we hear at the Black Boot has lyrics like "she can drive you wild with that sexy smile" but Googling those lyrics didn't turn anything up.

"Stood in the Light"
There's a slower country ballad in the next scene there.  I think I heard "She must have stood in the light" or similar.

"A Little Thunder"
The next song begins with "Let's make a little thunder."

Forever and Ever, Amen

Randy Travis

"Every Time"
Following that there's another studio piece that begins "Every time I lose my heart, you know where to find it."

Unknown Female Vocalist
When they go to the Animal (if Andrew used it, so can I) consoling Kristie, there's a woman singing.  I couldn't make anything out.

Country muzak
The Animal has some country thing seemingly without lyrics playing in his car.

The Word

Lame Heavy Metal
:-)  In Monica's classroom

A Feather on the Breath of God

O Jerusalem/ O Ierusalem

Hildegard of Bingen perf. by Gothic Voices.  Andrew and Gloria both listen to it and it's heard at Lorena's funeral.

Waltz of the Flowers?
The little girl dances to something from The Nutcracker but it's been so long I wasn't sure what piece.

In the Garden
Lorena sings it in Sidney's office

In the Garden
Tess sings it at Lorena's funeral and it then morphs into Lorena's rendition.


Buzz's theme music

Bring On The Rain

"Every Time"
During the cell phone conversation you hear what I think was the same song from "Two Sides."

Female country artist
Dunno.  It's when that reject gives Annie the key chain.

Bring On The Rain
Jo Dee Messina

"The Good Old Chorus"
Quarter sings this at the Yale lunch

Piano music
Also at the lunch

Remembering Me (1)

The Lord Moves in Mysterious Way
Heard in a flashback from "Show Me the Way..."

Abide With Me
Tess starts to sing this.

The Lord Moves in Mysterious Way Monica sings it to Tess.

Remembering Me (2)

This Little Light of Mine
Tess sadly sings it.

Just Like You Keb' Mo' in "Inherit" flashback.

A Bicycle Built for Two
The people at the home as Gloria plays on piano.

Hand It Over Keb' Mo' and Della singing it in another flashback.

Hand It Over Jacob sings it solo in real time and then a second time with Kevin

The Christmas Watch

Good King Wenceslaus
Agnes plays both a slow version and a ragtime version on piano.

Angels We Have Heard on High
Monica on the harp.

Auld Lang Syne
Monica on the harp.

Greensleeves/What Child is This?
As Agnes and Oscar talk

Little Drummer Boy
Monica on the harp.

Private Eyes

Bluesy song
At diner at the start

The Root of All Evil

"Danny Boy" and "The Lullaby of Broadway"
As performed by Monica in flashback clips.  I didn't notice any new music.

A Time for Every Purpose

And A Nightingale Sang Piano music
Heard at the restaurant

And a Nightingale Sang Sung by a choir at the start and by Della Reese at the end

As It Is In Heaven

Jazz music
in Jesse's room as he shines up the obsidian

There's a beautiful vocalist when Jesse is shot.  Sounds like maybe the same lady who can be heard in "Famous Last Words" but I dunno.

Song For My Father


Krystal Harris as Sarah- Heard three times.

Sung twice by Sarah's choir

Instrumental band piece
Sarah's band plays something while over at Tess'.

Hush Little Baby
Sarah's dad plays it on the piano and later the both of them sing a bit of it.

The Good Earth

Virtual Reality

Video game music

"Hollywood Film"
Song gangster crud Victor plays in his car.

The Show Must Not Go On

Beautiful Dreamer
Sung and played on the piano by Gavin McLeod as Calvin


The Voices That Are Gone
Elisa Bocanegra as Latrina

You're a Grand Old Flag
Latrina does a dance to a recording of this.

Frankie and Johnny
Scott Thompson as Herbert

I've Been Touched By An Angel Della Reese

Give My Regards to Broadway
The Egyptian actors

At The End Of The Aisle

The Wedding March
Played during dress rehearsal

Instrumental piece
After the faux vows are read at rehearsal

Piano music
At rehearsal dinner

Testify to Love Wynonna as Audrey

Amazing Grace
Wynonna as Audrey

I Will Walk With You (1)

Country music
At the cafe

Fur Elise
Played by Sophie

I Will Walk With You (2)

When Mama Prayed

Randy Travis

Thanks to Donna, Kim, Joanna, Dorothy, Sara and anyone else on the TBAAngel or JABB Yahoogroups who helped me start this obsessive lil thing!  Thanks also to Capella and Cecilie at the message boards!  Thanks to Darla who found a few of these that I had given up on!

** The twin astericks are just my notes to myself that I've not personally checked the episode in its entirety.  It either means I remembered those songs or someone told me about them but they may not be the *only* music featured in said episode.

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