Top Ten Reasons I Like the TBAA Angels

10. She has the Irish accent I've always wanted.

9. Her hair's still pretty long. This proves that long hair is, indeed, a timeless look and my friends need to get off my back about cutting my own. :-)

8. We've got to see her "grow up" over nine years from a novice to a supervisor.

7. She's got a really cool name. (Realize I'm biased since Monica is also part of my own name).

6. She really had a big role in bringing about a kinder, gentler Tess.

5. She's gotten the most exciting storylines. Who'd a thought an angel could get amnesia? Get stuck in a mental hospital? Turn old?

4. She can't sing well which makes me feel better.

3. She had a friend turn evil and still maintained decency.

2. She's not ashamed about crying. Something a lot of us could probly learn from...

1. She's genuinely nice and loyal; she's even put her self in danger to help others out.


10. She's got an amazing singing voice.

9. She's tough enough to get done what needs to be done but gentle enough to soothe distraught angel babies.

8. Even though she is perhaps too attached to her car; she's still willing to give it up to help another.

7. She's successfully trained Monica to become a capable supervisor herself.

6. She knows she deserves respect and won't be beaten down by a few idiot humans and a certain fallen angel who rears his ugly head every couple of seasons.

5. She knows exactly how everyone was situated on the first Christmas and isn't afraid to share that information.

4. She's sure of herself but still able to swallow her pride and take advice when necessary.

3. At various points, she's had to deal with a caffeine addicted "Angel Girl", an AOD who refuses to prepare Thanksgiving dinner and ends up serving what we only know of as mystery "meat", and a pet dog that mysteriously disappeared after Season 4. Yet, she's not gone insane.

2. She just seems like the show's Grandma. Grandmas are cool.

1. She's seen so much and yet remains moved by the activities of us humans.

10. She's the baby of the show; ya gotta love the baby!

9. She'd only been around for less than a year when she had a bad run-in with some Ecstasy, yet she didn't flip out.

8. She's immensely intelligent and can speed-read, something much-coveted by your average college student.

7. She's a true optimist without making you want to strangle her.

6. Very shortly after her birth, her supervisor ran away for a brief period with a singing Satan but she still stayed on task.

5. She's amazingly capable for a toddler.

4. She perhaps knows too much but she's not constantly bored and unmoved by the miracles around her.

3. She's funny, even if it's not intentional.

2. She's gullible and naive. Having an angel behave like this makes me feel better about my gullible and naive self.

1. We got to see her be born! How can you not like something you saw get created, from flowers even!

And now, last but certainly not least..

10. The obvious one first... He's pretty cute.

9. He's not ashamed to cry even though he's male.

8. He went through the humiliation of actually being auctioned off for a date and remained a good sport about it.

7. Even though he's seen more tragedy than I even want to think about, he's remained arguably the most stable of the angels.

6. He's generally calm and collected but not afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right, even if he does end up yelled at by a violin-wielding angry father.

5. He doesn't form a massive ego because a cute girl formed a crush on him.

4. He's adorable when he's helping kids.

3. He can take the anger others bear towards him without getting angry himself or going into an emotional rut.

2. More than any of the others, he's inspired me the most both with JABB and in real life.

1. He's just plain beautiful, and I don't mean physical beauty. He's just a wonderful character and the one I most wish was real.

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