At the start of the summer of 1999 I had tried to find the lyrics from Godspell on the web. I found a couple good pages but they kept closing for repairs. So I decided I'd just have my own Godspell lyrics page. All lyrics are from the movie version unless otherwise noted. If you notice any mistakes you can email me.
God bless,

The Prologue (not in film)

Prepare Ye

Save the People

Day by Day

Learn Your Lessons Well (not in film)

Turn Back, O Man

Bless the Lord

All for the Best

All Good Gifts

Light of the World

Alas for You

By My Side

We Beseech Thee (not in film)

Beautiful City

On the Willows

Beautiful City (alternate version not in film)


(New lyrics and music were written by Stephen Schwartz with the exception of "By My Side" which was written by Jay Hamburger and Peggy Gordon.)

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(Photo Credits: Background image is of Victor Garber as Jesus from the 1973 movie "Godspell." It is owned by Columbia Pictures Corporation.  It is not being used to seek profit.)