This page is just a small tribute to one of my favorite movies. Godspell tells the story of Jesus' life, incorporating several parables and stories from the New Testament.  It's also a great look at the power and importance of friendship and community.  The setting for the story in the film is 1970's New York City but it's a tale that can be told in a variety of times and places!

Godspell Quotes

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the movie and it's music. Also, some verses from the book of Matthew on which Godspell is based.

Everything I Need to Know....

A very small tribute to Victor Garber who played Jesus in Godspell.

Lyrics Page

Lyrics from the movie as well as from other productions

My Name is Known

My visual interpretation to the opening lines from Godspell


Symbolism of the number three

Godspell Links

A list of Godspell links that will hopefully grow!

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