First off, I love symbolism. I love watching movies and reading books and looking for it. So this page is dedicated to one of my favorite symbols... the number 3. Three is thought to signify perfect unity. It's also a very important number in Christianity. So here's my list so far of three symbolism from the Bible and Godspell. Most is from the Bible but since I have no other place to put it I just put it with my Godspell pages.


-- The world was dark for three hours during Jesus' crucifixion.

-- There are three verses in "Finale" on Godspell: "Oh God I'm bleeding (dying and dead)." In turn each verse is repeated 3 times during Jesus' crucifixion.

-- The Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

-- Jesus' age is often estimated at 33 at the time of His death.

-- There are three prayers in "Day by Day".

-- Peter denies Jesus three times. In turn Jesus later asks Peter if he loves him three times.

-- Jesus is tempted by the devil and resists three times.

-- Jesus is raised from the dead on the third day.

-- Jesus preached for three years.

-- Legend has the number of Magi visiting Jesus as three.

-- The monster (or Pharisee in some productions) tries to stump Jesus with three questions. (1. Who gave you the authority to act like this?, 2. Am I permitted to pay taxes to the emperor of Rome?, 3. What is the greatest commandment of them all?)*


Have any more to add? Email me.

*Thanks to Jonathan S. for pointing this one out and supplying the three questions.


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