Everything I Need to Know I Learned from

Victor Garber's Roles

Mr. Garber as Daddy Warbucks in Disney's "Annie" and in one of his first roles as Jesus in "Godspell".

I've learned that dancing around to Godspell complete with face paint at 1 in the morning may get strange looks from siblings, friends, etc. but is an excellent way to relieve stress. (credit: Godspell)

I've learned that "Jesus movies" are always good to watch when you're freaking out waiting for your report card. Heck, He doesn't care about grades.(credit: Godspell)

I've learned that dressing up like the Godspell cast for Halloween may get you some weird glances but it sure is fun!(credit: Godspell)

I've learned that money, fame, and talent, won't make you happy. Happiness requires good, trusted friends. (credit: Liberace: Behind the Music)

I've learned that no matter how great a movie is some guys just plain don't understand! (credit: Sleepless in Seattle's hilarious An Affair to Remember v. Dirty Dozens scene)

I've learned that if I ever built a ship, I wouldn't sail on it.(credit: Titanic, submitted by Danny B.)

Okay everyone! I need your help! Surely we can add some more to this list. If you have any ideas be they funny or serious please email me. Credit will be given to each person who submits an item.

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