Ripped from the History Books!

TBAA often had episodes featuring historical people portrayed by actors. In other words, scenes were “based on a true story”. This list contains *only* the people portrayed by actors other than themselves. For a list of people who portrayed themselves, visit my “The Role of a Lifetime” page. In addition, I’m working on page of historical people the angels mentioned working with but were never actually portrayed on the show. If you can think of any or notice anyone missing from this list, please email me. Thanks!

Episode 413: "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"

Mark Twain~ John Collum

Episode 419: "Flights Of Angels"

Richard and Sally Bunkall and Family

Richard~ Gregory Harrison

Sally~ Linda Purl

John Henry~ Haley Joel Osment

George~ Ian Meltzer

Episode 507: "Beautiful Dreamer"

Abraham Lincoln~ David Selby

Mary Todd Lincoln~ Christine Healy

John Wilkes Booth~ Reg Rogers

Episode 526: "Godspeed"

Charles Lindbergh~ Ned Vaughn

Episode #709: "God Bless the Child"

Billie Holiday~ Paula Jai Parker

Episode #722: "The Face Of God"

Albert Einstein~ Harold Gould

Episode #803: "The Perfect Game"

Babe Ruth~ Michael Patrick McGill



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