Jenni's Favorite CDs

Another of my favorite hobbies, besides reading, is listening to music. The CDs down below are pretty much my "most listened to" of my collection. I'd recommend any of them.

Wow the 90s by Various Artists

I have all of these released so far and love them all. I put this one up simply because it was the most representative of the collection but WOW 1996-2000 are great as well. Each set comes with 2 CDs with at least 15 songs a piece from various Christian musicians like Michael W. Smith, Avalon, Rich Mullins, Amy Grant, and many more.

The Way Home by Wayne Watson

Another great contemporary Christian music CD. For all you TBAA fans this CD features "For Such a Time as This". Some of my other favorite tracks on this are "Perception", "Wouldn't That be Something", and "Come Home". "Perception" is a haunting look into the thoughts of Jesus on His future.

Touched by an Angel: The Album by Various Artists

This is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. I'd list my favorite tracks but I think I'd find myself listing the entire CD! A great inspirational piece including an expanded version of the show's theme song!

The Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennitt

I love all her CDs especially this one and The Visit and Parallel Dreams. She's got a great story-telling style with many of her songs and a heavily Celtic influence. Probably the best known of her songs, "The Mummer's Dance" is featured on this album.

Godspell: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Victor Garber,

David Haskell, et al.

I have three versions of this music and the movie version is definitely my favorite. Probably because it was my first introduction to Godspell and also because of a slight fondness for this version's lead :-) In short this musical by Stephen Schwartz is a story of Jesus only this time set in NYC. For more info on the movie you can visit my Godspell site. This is a great CD to sing along with!

Children of Eden by Stephanie Mills, Adrian Zmed, William Solo, et al.

This musical, like Godspell, features music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. This time around he takes on the Bible's Genesis account. The CD begins with a musical retelling of the creation of the universe and goes then to the lives of Adam and Eve and then to Noah and his ark. It didn't quite inspire the obsessiveness Godspell did but it really is great.

Celtic Moods by Various Artists

This was one of the very first CDs I bought and one of my first introductions to Celtic music. If you like Celtic music but you're not sure what CDs to buy you may try this one first as it offers samples of many Celtic musicians. Music styles ranges from energetic reels to thoughtful stories.

Swing Kids by James Horner and Various Artists

I really like this movie and the soundtrack is great, too. The instrumental score is nice but the actual swing numbers are great. There's Count Basie, Benny Goodman, and more!

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