What I've done with these pages and when I've done it since March 2000.


April 3rd- Yay, I actually updated this page!  I put an essay and movie review on My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.


August 15th- One day I will have time to do some proper updates here!  For right now, I just wanted to say that I've removed the Guestbook because the service I use is retired.  So please feel free to email me instead.  Apologies to those who may have left Guestbook messages that I did not receive.  I didn't realize the service was no longer functioning.

January 10th- Yikes.  I didn't realize I'd neglected this page for *this* long.  Anyhow, thanks to a visitor, there's a new fairy tale site on
Cool Links.  I also removed some links which are no longer functioning.


December 30th- It's been forever but I finally did a bit of an update.  More S5 quotes on Quotes from TBAA.

April 1st- Finished adding quotes to Quotes from TBAA.  Unless, of course, I find more as I re-watch the episodes.  Good possibility of that!  Went back and finished The Music of TBAA.  So glad to have that done.  Not the most fun to update!

January 15th- Been playing catch-up on Quotes from TBAA.  I've got up through just past half of Season 9 done.


December 31st- I accomplished what I wanted.  I'm halfway through S9 on The Music of TBAA which, as of right now, is all the info I have.  Only 11 more episodes to go...

December 28th- Did all of S8 on The Music of TBAA!  Maybe I will be caught up by 2012!

December 26th- Finished out the S7 music
on The Music of TBAA.  Yippee.  Would be nice to be caught up by 2012...

December 11th- I am very, very behind on my TBAA pages bit I did finish out
S8 episodes on Quotes from TBAA.  And I've got about halfway through S7 on The Music of TBAA.

December 4th- Finally got around to updating the site intro!  Just haven't had much time.  But I did wanna be sure to add some
PIF links so I did that.

August 23rd- I put more quotes from S8 episodes on
Quotes from TBAA.  Next up I intend to update the music page.

June 26th-
Finished  S7 and started putting S8 quotes on Quotes from TBAA.

April 26th- Put more quotes up through "Netherlands" on
Quotes from TBAA.

April 17th-
Added the Visual Bible's Matthew to My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.

April 11th- Added The Greatest Story Ever Told to
My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.

April 3rd- I watched the 2000 version of Jesus Christ Superstar last week but didn't get around to making any notes so I've added those now along with further thoughts on this week's movie: Cotton Patch Gospel.  Both are on
My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.

March 20th- I added Godspell to
My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.  And I also removed the forum from my Godspell section cause it got overrun by spammers.  Oops.

March 13th- I plan to do a Jesus movie viewing every week this Lent.  Today I watched The Miracle Maker and put some thoughts about it on
My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.

February 27th- I added quotes from the episodes "God Bless the Child" (thought I'd already done that one but had not) through "Thief of Hearts" to
Quotes from TBAA.

January 1st-  Happy New Year!!!  I have to come up with JABB@YG's daily TBAA quote calendar for the year so added TBAA quotes from the first 6 Season 7 episodes to
Quotes from TBAA to help me.


November 21st- Finished Season 6 on The Music of TBAAAlso finished it on Quotes from TBAA.

September 12th- Added several Season 6 episodes to Quotes from TBAA and The Music of TBAA.

July 11th- Added to The Music of TBAA.

May 31st- Added six episodes' worth of stuff to Quotes from TBAA and The Music of TBAA.

May 15th- I added Whispers in the Woods to Variations of "Beauty and the Beast".

April 18th- Updated both Quotes from TBAA and The Music of TBAA with more Season 5 info.

February 21st- Put some more quotes from Season 5 on Quotes from TBAA and added more info to The Music of TBAA.

February 14th- Added The Nativity Story to My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.

January 17th- I added a few more quotes from Season 5 to Quotes from TBAA and added more info to The Music of TBAA.

January 12th- I added Alex Flinn's Beastly to Variations of "Beauty and the Beast".

January 10th- I added a few quotes from Season 5 to Quotes from TBAA and updated the The Music of TBAA accordingly.

January 2nd- Wow.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated!  In any case, I added a few quotes from the first two Season 5 TBAA episodes to Quotes from TBAA.  I would have updated the music page, too, but I didn't notice any in those episodes.


August 16th- Edited three entries on The Music of TBAA.

July  18th- Felt compelled to revisit my The Silver Metal Lover write-up on
Variations of "Beauty and the Beast"

July 5th-
Added another short story to Variations of "Beauty and the Beast"

June 21st-
Added a short story to Variations of "Beauty and the Beast"

May 17th- This time it was "Judas" that got
added to My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.

April 26th-
Added a film review of "Mary Magdalene" to My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.

April 7th- Added a new book to
Variations of "Beauty and the Beast".  Also replaced the title that was supposed to be at the top of that page but that I somehow replaced with something else.  Weird.

April 5th- For the first time in what seems like forever I added a film review to
My Thoughts on Jesus Movies.

January 19th- I placed a couple banners, like the one below, on my TBAA-related sites.  Cause us JABBers want those other DVDs!  Please help us get em!


October 11th- I am so not doing well with updates here...  Anyhow, added "The Spirit of Liberty Moon" info to The Music of TBAA and Quotes from TBAA.  Also made some additions to “Well… They *do* say everyone has a twin… or triplet even…”.

July 27th-
Added Tanith Lee's Silver Metal Lover to Variations of "Beauty and the Beast".

July 20th-
Added "Hans My Hedgehog" to Variations of "Beauty and the Beast"Added to The Music of TBAA .  Added a few things to Quotes from TBAA.

April 6th- I added/edited a handful more quotes on
Quotes from TBAA.

April 5th- I added more S4 quotes to
Quotes from TBAA.

March 10th- I added some early Season 4 quotes to
Quotes from TBAA.

March 9th- Did tons of background work on
My Irish Page.  Changed some fonts around there.   And I've now spent more days in 2008 updating this page than I did in all of 2007!

March 8th- Gussied up
the Web Backgrounds main page.  Removed more midis.  Added a title banner to Prayers and Passages.  Added a title banner and fixed a weird glitch on Cool Links.  And another title banner to Godspell Quotes.

March 7th- I altered a couple of the backgrounds on my
"Beauty and the Beast" section.  Changed fonts on a couple pages after realizing I no longer had two I'd used on my Godspell section.

March 2nd- Made
Books about Jesus a lil easier to navigate.  I also removed the "My Favorite" part from its title.  Cause I may want to add books that I don't necessarily love.

March 1st- Some photos added to What was Andrew Doing?.  Added photos to “Well… They *do* say everyone has a twin… or triplet even…”.  Tweaked backgrounds on My One Thing and Contact Me so the pages will load easier.  I'm also removing midis as I go along.  Redid the collage on
JABB and added a bit of text.

February 29th- Added some photos to
The Andrew Dating System.  Added one film to Variations of "Beauty and the Beast".

February 28th- Added four more episodes to
The Music of TBAA and replaced and added photos to the How Many Angels page.

February 27th- Added a new banner and a couple episodes' music information on
The Music of TBAA.

February 15th- Fixed up Everything I Need to Know I Learned from TBAA and the main Quotes page.

February 14th- I'm going through my TBAA pages and replacing older digital images with actual screen shots.  Today I got to the main
TBAA page and Top Ten Reasons....  I also edited some text and other elements on those two.

January 12th- At some point I lost a font that I used on some pages.  So I'm looking for those pages and replacing the font with ones I still have.  Today it was
my Favorite Bible passages and Prayers pages, May Crowning Speech, My Favorite Books about Jesus, and possibly others before the day is through.


December 8th- Added a coutdown to the "Beauty and the Beast" Season 3 DVD release.

November 18th- Sometime during the last couple of weeks I added 2 banners for my favorite new show: "Moonlight."  Today I replaced all counters because many of the old ones had broken.  To make things easier for myself, I started them all at zero.  I also did lil bits of tweaking here and there.

June 4th- I added a second page of my thoughts to the
"Beauty and the Beast" TV show section.  I also added more info from Season 4 to The Music of TBAA.

May 5th- Finished off Season 3 and started Season 4 on
The Music of TBAA.   I also added several more Season 3 quotes to Quotes from TBAA.

April 24th- I had to change my email address due to overwhelming amounts of spam at the old address.

April 7th-
Added even more Season 3 information to The Music of TBAA.

March 27th- Added a new countdown to Season 2 on
Beauty and the Beast.  Also added some screen caps from the show to the TV show section.

February 10th-
Added some more Season 3 information to The Music of TBAA.  I also added several Season 3 quotes to Quotes from TBAA.  Added a couple more sites to Cool Links and did some minor editing there.

November 4th- I updated the intro paragraph on the main page and added a countdown ticker to Beauty and the Beast cause Season One of the TV show is finally being released!!!  Yippee!!!

August 29th- I added some much-needed photo credits to some pages, especially the TBAA, JABB, and Godspell sections.

August 6th- Added a few more episodes' information to
The Music of TBAA.  I also added several quotes to Quotes from TBAA and edited some of the wording on that main quote page.

July 1st- Changed the design on my Godspell Forum.

May 22nd- I added several more quotes to
Quotes from TBAA.  In addition, I redid the backgrounds on all the quotes pages so they are (hopefully) easier to read.

May 3rd- Added a couple episodes' information to
The Music of TBAA.

April 21st- Okay, I think I'm pretty much done with fixing the aesthetics.  So to celebrate I redid the chart on the How Many Angels page and added graphics!  I've also started the process of replacing all my old clip-art photos on the My Name is Known section of the Godspell page with my own photographs.

April 18th- I am doing site-wide remodeling.  Right now I'm focusing mostly on graphics and design but later I plan to start actually updating some pages.

April 9th- Added some music info that was submitted to me to
The Music of TBAA.

March 21st- Added the first of the Season Three info to
The Music of TBAA.

March 9th- Added links to JABB's CafePress.com Store that I'm running to the
JABB Info and Touched by an Angel pages.  Visit the store to find TBAA and JABB related shirts, mugs, and more by clicking the link below!  Thanks!

Support This Site 

February 20th- Finally finished up Season Two info on
The Music of TBAA.  Also added some quotes and matched some others to the character and episode on Quotes from TBAA.

February 1st- Added some more info to
The Music of TBAA

January 20th-
Cool Links page was redone and some new links added.

January 12, 2006- I am redoing my
Favorite Bible passages and Prayers page so that it will be two separate (and hopefully more attractive) pages.  I will be working on them in the coming days.

September 23, 2005- Well, that certainly took less time than I'd figured.  I think I'm all switched over to jenniofshalott.net now!  Please let me know if anyone finds a dead link.  Thanks!  Also, got an email addy to match the new domain so I updated Contact Info.

September 22, 2005- I purchased a domain name for myself so I'll no longer be sharing one with JABB.  I'll be changing urls as I find time to reflect my new domain name: jenniofshalott.net.  Also added two new Jesus movies.

September 8, 2005- I removed all mailto links since I was getting so much spam and added a Contact page instead.

August 31, 2005- A few more quotes added to TBAA Quotes by Category and some existing quotes' episode and speaker identified.  A bit of editing on the main page of that section.

August 30, 2005- Added music info for three more episodes (four actually having discovered "Out of the Darkness" has none that I caught) to
The Music of TBAA.

August 21, 2005- Having moved the pages, I also changed the look of the
Web Backgrounds main page so it's no longer a mass of unorganized links!

August 20, 2005- Added four new selections, one novel and three short stories, to Variations of "Beauty and the Beast".  Also changed the background.  Also dressed up the index page a bit.  I've now officially moved off Geocities completely.  They were great and I had very few problems with them all these years but since I'm paying for webspace elsewhere, may as well use it! So
Web Backgrounds is now at a new location.

August 13, 2005- Butterflies section added to Web Backgrounds.  Added poems I wrote in grade school to the new Poems and Stories page.

August 8, 2005- I'm completely redoing the Poems and Stories page to feature only original material.  Not much there right now but more to come!

June 5, 2005- Information for four more season 2 episodes added to
The Music of TBAA.  Also links at the top now allow people to get to a specific season more easily.

May 23, 2005- Information on the first six episodes of Season 2 added to
The Music of TBAA.

April 17, 2005- Title banner added to
The Music of TBAA.

April 16, 2005- Season One data completed as best as I can on The Music of TBAA.

March 1, 2005- A new background and 2 new books added to My Favorite Books about Jesus.

February 23, 2005- Okay, added some material to
My Irish Page and edited some of the older stuff.  I'm debating whether or not to break the page up since it's kinda long.  Or add anchors at least.  Hmm...  Yep, went with the anchoring.  :-)

February 22, 2005- Apparently META tags may be important.  And I only just learned about em today.  So working on those today on all my pages which means I'm doing a lot and probly no one can even tell!  Oh well, it's the price of being neurotic I guess!  :-)  Anyhow, not wasting much time on em since their usefulness is kinda iffy.  So back to normal stuff tomorrow.  I also changed the backgrounds a bit for the poems on
My Irish Page so they're easier to read.

February 21, 2005- Redid my Books page and added six new books.  Edited the intro paragraph on
Godspell: My Little Tribute because the old one was kinda goofy...  "For me 'Godspell' tells the story of Jesus' life"??  Huh?  Does it tell the story of Buddha for everyone else?!

February 20, 2005- Mad dash to make these pages look "alive" again continues!  Reviewed two books at Beauty and the Beast.

February 19, 2005- Gussied up my main Touched by an Angel page and promptly cried over it.  LOL  I'm okay, really!

February 18, 2005- Lotsa minor editing including:
~In the My One Thing section- dressing up the A Message and "Your One Thing??" pages and removing dead links from My Other-Spiritually- Themed Pages. 
~Added some pics to JABB Info and a link to our new page.
~At Godspell: My Little Tribute removed dead links and updated others from the links section.  Fixed the background on the Three page.
~Made The Perfect Man List more readable with a new background.

February 17, 2005- Some re-working and removal of dead links at Cool LinksFavorite CDs page completely redone and new CDs added.  Gave My Irish Page a facelift and hope to add more content there soon!

February 16, 2005- Looking to take a bit of a sabbatical from my recent, manic updating of the JABB pages to spend more time updating these, my own webpages.  Today I updated and re-organized my Cool Quotes pages for easier navigation.  Also added year animations to this page.

February 15, 2005- Added three new prayers to Favorite Bible passages and Prayers and some graphics.

January 13, 2005- Photos added to TBAA section.  Thanks to my friend, Jess, for snapping em!

December 26, 2004- New movie entry added to Beauty and the Beast page.  Expect more as I make my way through my Christmas presents.  :-)

November 29, 2004- Gave the welcome page a bit of a face lift and removed all acronyms.  Cause does the average person know what TBAA and JABB stand for??

October 18, 2004- Brief biography on main page and contact info updated.

September 24, 2004- With the help of some other TBAA fans, I've started a list of music that was played on TBAA.  It can be found on the second half of my TBAA page.

August 13, 2004- A list of Andrew's jobs was added to my TBAA page.

May 7, 2004- Redecorated my Poems and Stories page and added two poems and two stories.

April 17, 2004- Two new movie listings added to the Jesus page. More new quotes were added to the TBAA section of this page as well as new categories. Random Questions #5 added to Survey Section.

April 14, 2004- Several new quotes were added to the TBAA section of this page.

January 18, 2004- These pages have moved. I purchased a domain name for them and JABB. Please change any bookmarks you have to


January 4, 2004- A new survey was added to the survey page and the original survey was updated for 2004.

November 28, 2003- The Cool Links section has been updated with some new ones and the dead ones have been removed. Links to JABB@yahoogroups.com were added to my TBAA and JABB pages and the Cool Links page.

October 21, 2003- New section added to the TBAA page: The Andrew Dating System.

September 20, 2003- Small update on the "Role of a Lifetime" TBAA page because two people got accidentally left off the original page. (Oops!).

September 14, 2003- I added another two lists to my TBAA page and added animated gifs to the all ready existing TBAA pages.

September 13, 2003- M TBAA page has been redone and two new sections have been added about the show.

July 13, 2003- Two new movie listings added to the Jesus section. That page was also slightly altered for easier access.

June 9, 2003- A daisy section was added to the Backgrounds page.

May 12, 2003- A new section was added to the Backgrounds page.

May 3, 2003- One item was added to the Victor Garber section of the Godspell page. In addition, in the next couple of days I will be working to remove my old AOL address from pages. My new address is jenniann@onthisside.net.

March 23, 2003- The list of variations on the Beauty and the Beast section has been updated with listings for more picture books, novels, and short stories.

March 22, 2003- I did some slight tweaking on the Easter Countdown section and added a counter. As I result of some poor planning, several links were broken. I have them back up, but let me know if anyone notices one I missed. Thanks!

March 15, 2003- Beauty and the Beast section redone and expanded.

February 7, 2003- Original Survey updated for 2003.

November 26, 2002- Dead links removed from Cool Links section and new ones added.

August 25, 2002- Three new sections added to the Web Background section.

August 23, 2002- Four new surveys added to the survey section.

August 22, 2002- I added two new writings to the "Thoughts" section located on the "My One Thing" page.

August 18, 2002- I added a new guestbook to the main page and the Godspell page. A new item was also added to the "Three" page and a new link was added, both on the Godspell section.

August 13, 2002- Due to problems with Talkcity (i.e. it totally disappearing), I've moved my homepage and JABB to Geocities. So if you had any part of this page linked please change it. Thanks! Hopefully more updates will follow once the move is completed!

March 14th, 2002-Two pieces added to the Thoughts section of the Jesus page.

January 14th, 2002- I've just started a new section on a favorite show and fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast".

November 10th, 2001-Three holiday-themed sections were added to my Web Backgrounds page.

November 4th-The "For Jesus" page renamed, a page was added to it, and the Jesus-themed books page was updated.

October 18th- My Dead links removed and new ones added to the Cool Links section.

September 8th- Godspell links page updated.

September 6th- I've added a discussion forum to my Godspell page.

August 10th- With in the next couple days all of my main pages will be given counters so that I can know which are most visited and should get the most updates!

July 25th- My Jesus Movies section updated with new listings.

May 7th- Links and Why I Like... pages edited on "Godspell" page.

February 28th- My Happy Easter stories page has been added for Lent.

January 9th- Several links added to Cool Links section. A few more quotes added and started to add the Season 7 quotes to the TBAA Page. The main books page as well as the Jesus Books section have been updated. Three passages added to the Prayer Page.

January 8th- Three poems and four stories added to the Stories and Poems page. 4 poems added to the Thoughts page on the For Jesus section. A Hearts page added to the Web Backgrounds section.

January 7th- Main page edited and more added to the Green Mile Insights page. Questions added to the Things to Think About page.

January 5th- My JABB Page edited.

January 4th, 2001- My survey added to for the year 2001!.

December 28th, 2000- Quotes added to the Cool Quotes page.

November 26th- New Web Backgrounds page added to my page.

October 21st- New "For Jesus" page added. Accessible from my Homepage.

October 20th- My homepage's look changed for holiday season.

May 27th- Minor editing on the Godspell pages. A small Godspell links page was also added.

May 26th- My Friends page renamed as Cool Links. New links added.

May 23rd- Midis on all JABB and personal pages are now accessible only by a link at the top of a page. This way only those who want to can hear the music.

April 22nd- Last page of "My Name is Known" added. (Finally!) My survey updated.

April 17th- "Threes" page added to Godspell section.

April 16th- Easter Sunday page added.

March 18th- Favorite CDs page added along with this page.

March 13th, 2000- Picture and "lessons" added to "Everything I Need to Know..." page.


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